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How White Background Changes the Game

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When in designing an excellent idea of a logo or any form of graphics design, you need to think of various things – colours, size, design, and the quality of printing. While you worry about the quality later on, there is one more thing that is important in the design process – the background. You may have wondered how to incorporate such an intricate design with an equally intricate background, but combining both worlds will leave you scratching your head.

How do you make an interesting logo while at the same time make it feel professional? While it might be shocking, you might be surprised that most successful designs have white backgrounds. Why white? While you might think it’s boring, there are a lot of benefits how white backgrounds completely diminishes the all other eye-catching elements and solely focus on the logo of the product or store. There are other reasons why you should consider a white background:

• Focuses on your logo.
    That’s the main reason why you have stickers on your store windows, a signage, and many other things you invest on. Aside from picking the best printing service in the area, you may also think that the design should be catchy, and at the same time lets you focus on what’s important – the brand. You may add more elements later, but the fact that the white background completely discourages passersby to look for other elements in the logo and simply look at the logo – it’s an effective marketing strategy.

• Creates a sophisticated finish.
    Most well-known products and services usually have a black white background to make sure it stays classy and professional. The reason why a lot of people consider white is because of classic finish and it’s simplicity. The more simple it is, the more people will be able to remember it. Besides, something about being simple brings out the capability of the company to handle the products and services they offer.

• Visual order.
    It creates a specific level of importance on where you should direct your attention first and then directs you to the next input you should look out for. It creates a hierarchy wherein you need to complete a series of sentences first before moving on to the next entry. There are no lines and dividers needed, it can simply be resized according to the level of importance.

• Clearer.
    There will be a lot of texts, but you won’t be able to understand either of them since the background is too crowded and the font style is too complex. You can read the elements easily if you choose a simple font that are usually used in professional documents and proper spacing. It will convince people to actually read the text and not just skim through it because of the awful and complex font style. Choosing the colour of the text matters too – that’s why most professional companies often go for black or dark coloured choices. It’s not only more classy, but it actually lets people read the text without hassle – compared to lighter colours such as neon variations.
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