The Many Uses and Benefits of Corflute Signs

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They say that the only thing that’s really constant is change, and even for an industry that makes long-lasting prints, this statement still rings true. Signs are meant to stay for as long as a business is still active to help attract customers towards the establishment. One can think of them as a way to improve your marketing campaigns. But the truth of the matter is that there are signs meant for temporary circumstances. These signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings and serve to give directions, give warnings, or give valuable information regarding safety. Corflute signs are the number one candidates to have these visuals printed on, and today, we’ll find out why. What are Corflute Signs? Corflute signs are pretty common and popular in construction sites, houses being sold, areas where a renovation/repair is taking place. They’re for those who are looking for cost-effective signage for security purposes, short-term advertising, or directions. These signs are weather-proof and durable, with tiny channels in their plates, making them flexible and easily bent or folded. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Indoors, they can be used to give details regarding occupational health and safety compliance, directions, location indicators, and more. For outdoor settings, these signs can easily be attached to trees, signposts, and walls. They’re very resistant to weather as well, able to withstand harsh UV rays, wind, and rain. What are Common Uses for Corflute Signs? Clients print temporary signs for a variety of reasons and we’ve prepared some of the most common uses that people have for them: 
  • Advertising Sales – They have high promotional value because they’re pretty resilient to weather.
  • Safety Signs – Safety signs must withstand emergencies, and since these types of signs are quite tough, they do the job very well.
  • Sports Events – Their durability against the elements is needed for any outdoor sports events signs.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions – Temporary events like trade shows and exhibitions need temporary signs, handy signs and the corflute (with its flexible channels) fits the job perfectly.
  • Traffic Control SignsCorflute signs is able to work under the pressure of harsh street environments, providing traffic control signs with the directions and temporary speed limits they need to divert traffic.
 What are the Benefits of Corflute Signs? We’ve been talking a lot about how corflute signs are resistant to weather and that they’re pretty good for both outdoor and indoor events, but is that all these signs can offer? The answer will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face because the answer is no. They have a lot more to offer because the can also be: 
  • installed easily and put on display quickly
  • 100% customisable
  • printed in full colour using images with high resolutions
  • cost-effective, making it ideal for bulk orders
  • sturdy, but lightweight
Now that we know a lot about corflute signs, it’s time to direct our attention to the printing companies who will be printing on the signs the things we want people to see. With that being said, do some background check and ask them simple questions like “What are the 9 of the best printing finishes?” How long have you been in the business? Can you provide a quote? Etc. It’s important to communicate and connect with the printing company that you’ll be choosing because they literally have the sign’s success in their hands.
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