Helpful Tips to Meet the Deadline

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Working on a specific project can at times be stressful. No matter how much a printing company plans ahead, there will naturally be some unexpected obstacles along the way. This is especially true for rush orders, wherein clients would suddenly ask for a project on a short notice and deadline.

Aside from the stress of trying to hit the target date, the printing machines might have to work overtime as well, in an effort to emulate fast printing. Other factors could include expedited shipping charges, which could be a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, we have a couple of helpful tips to avoid rushing and giving the project a bad quality.

Make Sure There is Enough Time for Delivery

Typically, opting for a ground shipping courier is the most practical decision for delivering print materials. However, this courier method takes a long time and it definitely isn’t suitable for rush orders or last-minute deliveries. Expedited shipping is the best way to go, but due to how heavy and dense printed products are it can be quite expensive.

In order to make sure that the clients will be getting their business cards, printing companies have to consider transit times. It’s crucial that they discuss the many options from which they can deliver the printed result. They might have to look at road shut-downs, mechanical problems, and severe weather conditions.

Divide the Print Order into Two Parts

One of the best ways to cater to rush orders without sacrificing quality is by dividing the work into two parts, especially for the projects that have a lot of outputs. For example, if a printing company had to work on 200 pieces of brochures, it’d be best to finish 100 pieces and wait a bit longer for the order’s balance to arrive.

Using an Offset Printing Press would offer a much lower unit cost, compared to a Digital Printing Press, but it takes a lot of initial set-up procedures that eat up a lot of time. Digital Printing Press, on other hand, does not require any set-up time and once the job is done, the project can be shipped out immediately. That’s some fast printing level of performance right there.

Ask for a “Soft Proof” Instead of a “Hard Proof”

When it comes to printing, “soft proof” refers to the digital version (PDF) of the piece that will be printed. “Hard proof” refers to a physically printed piece that is often used by printing companies for reference. It’s better to get the soft proof because it’d be easier to see problems with the elements like spacing, images, design properties, and more. Fonts are even included here because fonts do matter and they play a huge role in making a print stand out.

Printing out the project and making sure its quality is first-rate takes a lot of time. But we hope that our tips today will help any printing company out there manage the challenge. Fast printing isn’t always ideal, but if it’s a rush, the tips here can make it happen.
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