Why Packaging Makes the Entirety of the Product

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If you invented something awesome and nifty that you plan to show off and sell, then perhaps the first thing you should do is think of a nice way to package your products or simply think of tactics on how to make it famous. But first things first: product packaging. In this era of a booming economy wherein new products make it out there or simply disintegrate like a soaked facial tissue, one of the things that could help you move there is the packaging.

But why packaging? Since the dawn of time, people have always been drawn to something shiny or beautiful. Have you ever known someone in history amazed with a cloud of dust? No. If you create something decent with lovely benefits and such, perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade your package into the trendy look these days. Here are the reasons why packaging makes the product:

Recognition. If you were looking for something to give to your friend as a gift, would you choose something that is tacky? Or beautifully packed? It has been a common thing for most shoppers to pick potential gifts that are beautifully wrapped or uniquely packaged to present to people they aim to impress. Usually labels really is a game changer in your marketing scheme as it attracts a lot of customers.

Standing out from the rest has its perks – meaning more people will tend to pick your item from the shelf just for mere curiosity until they turn to loyal customers in the long run. It may also serve you well if you relate the shape and style of your packaging to the name or image of your logo.

Aesthetic factor. May it be the colour or the design, the human brain has always been attracted differently in unique designs. Like how humans used to be attracted to the discovery of fire and went to the extent of touching it for mere curiosity. There is a scientific reason as to why humans are always attracted to packaging with specific colours – they also believe that each colour has their own personality as well.

Like for example: vibrant colours are for the adventurous and the childish while dark colours are for the professionals and the serious people. But before you decide on what colour or shape you want to have, make sure you know your target audience when you release your product.

Marketing. Sometimes literally screaming out your brand out your store won’t just get you ignored, but shunned as well. Even handing out fliers won’t really do you good that much since most people will just throw it away afterwards and continue on. The quality of the label also says a lot about your company – providing that the quality is good as well. It might also make your product more memorable for people and will continually to choose your product whenever they see it as well.

Big brands like Coke became a household name because of their packaging – it remained the same throughout the years. It may have changed a bit, but it was still fitting to the modern times and people of all ages recognize it. Staying true to your design and making use of your brand name carefully will reward you in the long run.
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