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Fine and Fancy Foil Blocking – Works for More than Just Weddings

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When people say foil blocking or foil print, the first thing that comes to mind are fancy wedding invitations (including those of a recently wedded royal couple).

It’s not surprising. Weddings are always grand occasions and the process of gilding letters with a beautiful metallic colour really fits a fabulous occasion.

That doesn’t mean it’s the only occasion for this type of print finish.

Like embossing/debossing, foil blocking is another type of procedure that makes your marketing materials (and to an extent, your brand) look very prestigious.

And much like embossing, it’s simpler than it appears. All it involves is a sheet of foil, a metal stamp and the material it’ll be applied on. On the other hand, it shares similar rules. It has limits when it comes to detail and the brand it is presenting should match the prestige.

That said, the classiness of a foil block card can be effectively used to market your business with a variety of strategies including:
  1. Personal Business Card
If you own a business and it caters to a target market that likes class, it makes sense to have it reflected in your personal card. For example, you can have the classic black card with gold lettering. The motif is familiar but still no less effective in presenting the bearer as a person who knows how to supply luxury. Other metal colors combine with paper colors in a similar fashion. Find out which one best expresses your personal brand!
  1. Deluxe Item Packaging
Even if you are not exclusively in the luxury business, you could still have offerings that touch that market on occasion. Alternatively, you might have a certain set of customers who are willing to pay more for a more premium product. In that case, foil blocking the packaging compliments the value they see in the product. (And in a way, it’s also how you can show appreciation for those customers.)
  1. Event/Trade Show Invitation
If you have a very ambitious trade show coming up, then what applies to packaging also applies to business event invitations. If you think that the event will be a great opportunity for these people to network and open new business ventures, then a foil-blocked invitation will reflect this value. The same goes for other types of events like conventions, exhibits and even contests!
  1. Book Covers
Mind you, foil blocking may be common sight on covers but all the books that use it are not the type you’d fill with sparse content. Just like packaging, the literature contained in a foil-blocked cover should be worth the value proposition it is presenting. That means it should contain things like deep industry insights, powerful pieces of advice, a good story or anything else that makes the book a quality product in of itself.

There are still a number of other ways you can use foil blocking to give your brand a premium-oriented impression. You can use it for product labels or a limited print run of special stickers. However, a lot of the same rules still apply. Foil-blocked print can be used for more than just fancy weddings but also make sure anything that bears it reflects a value that matches.
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