Office Stationery You Need to Wow Clients

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Throughout the years, it has been a constant presence for notepads with your company’s logo on the bottom or glossy folders that bears the insignia of your business. It may seem unnecessary, but if you think about it this way – business stationery actually is a form of marketing. Let’s say that you handed over a note filled with meeting details and schedule to a new client, they will feel that you are actually a professional and a legit businessman.

Aside from the aesthetic it provides whenever you hand over documents to your clients and partners, it also shows the services and the details needed to contact your business. But what should you get that would definitely wow your clients and customers? Below are the must-haves for every office desk in your company:

Notepad. It has been the best friend of every employee in existence. From following tasks needed to be done for the day or by giving out memos for important events, the notepad has been there throughout the chaos. While it has been slowly replaced by technology, having a personalized office stationery by your side makes you feel productive and professional as well.

Paper. Nothing beats a company paper when you hand out important letters or reminders to clients for meetings and agreements. It also is more legit and professional to hand out documents that has your company’s logo and details.

Planner. It’s like the calendar but it speaks to you and reminds you the tasks you need to do for the day. Having a company planner is ensuring you won’t forget anything and even keep tabs with your ongoing projects. Besides, adding simple quotes of motivation to perform better is somewhat comforting especially when you’re drowned in work and paperwork.

Pens. Aside from used as a giveaway, it is also handy when you have a company custom pen that you can use everyday. Not only that it makes your brand memorable for clients who use it, it makes them feel like you are indeed a professional company that doesn’t take average ballpoint pens from your usual stationery store. Hand them over a metallic sign pen with the company’s logo and slogan etched on its tube.

Folders and envelopes. Handing over contracts and deals can be a little more professional with company custom folders and envelopes. Especially when it’s material is thick and glossy, it will be deemed useful for a long period of time even when it suffered water droplets from a light shower or condensation.

While there are more stationery you should possess for your daily tasks, these are the usual things you would need in to seal deals and handle customer concerns. What is important to keep in mind is choosing the best kind of printing company that provides excellent quality prints and materials.

After all, the quality of the stationery you are using could also define your status as a company. It may not be related to your actual product, but these customized stationery makes clients feel like they could trust you and your definition of quality.
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