5 Prominent Printing Techniques

In Printing by Richard Nassif

Mugs and cups have been around for quite a long time. Typically, a cup or mug is an open-top container that’s mainly used for drinking, but can also be used for storing solids like grains, flour, and sugar.

But another thing that’s interesting about these types of containers is the fact that anyone can personalise it. Here are 5 methods that any client can use to personalise their coffee cup printing designs and get it plastered on it!

Digital Photo Mug and Cup Printing

Digital photo is a digital printing process that prints a design or image directly unto the specially coated mug or cup. It utilises the waterslide transfer to affix the illustration unto the substrate that offers permanent and full-colour artwork. This particular method is perfect for bone China mugs and earthenware products because these types of wares need texts and images in high quality, which also happens to be one of the practical benefits of digital printing.

Pad Printing for Cups and Mugs

The Pad print method is famously used on golf balls. However, the same technique can be used to etch images unto items like cups and mugs. What makes any design stand out with this process is its use of high-performance materials such as inks, image build plates, and printing pads to etch out amazing designs. It works amazingly well with metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, and silicone mugs, making it one of the perfect techniques for coffee cup printing.

Direct Screen Printing

Another ideal way to apply simple designs on bone China and earthenware cups is direct screen printing. With this technique, the ink passes through a screen or mesh, which the printer then applies some stencil to the stretched mesh or screen. The final image will be affected by the little holes made by the printer on the mesh. If a client prefers smaller designs, the direct screen printing is an excellent choice that doesn’t require overlapping colours and extensive image registration.

Dye Sublimation Method

Now, dye sublimation is arguably the best technique that offers vibrant colours and crystal-clear results. The reason behind this is due to its use of organic colour dyes and heat transfer to apply the desired artwork on the mug or cup surface. Dye sublimation is often used for promotional mugs that need accurate colour photographic reproduction. Additionally, the print is also environmentally friendly because the ink it uses doesn’t have harmful substances like cadmium and lead.

Litho or Transfer Printing Technique

Also known as transfer printing, litho printing is an age-old method of applying image on ceramics or bone China mugs. How it works is by printing the design unto a special paper, then cover-coat it on the cup or mug. The print then transitions into a water slide transfer, which the printer manually applies to the drinking container. Use the method on a promotional mug and it’ll definitely help any client’s business stick out.

In a world where people like to see fabulous designs on their cups, knowing the perfect coffee cup printing method is essential. The right technique will help printing companies and print providers provide the best quality to their clients!

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