What Is Industrial Screen Printing?

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When you think of screen printing, you immediately think of the ancient ways of printing – manually pouring paint and gently applying it evenly in a thin sheet. But there’s more to this kind of printing than being primitive – it has evolved into something more effective while maintaining the quality and texture of the traditional screen printing. While it was originally used for promotional items, it can now be used in various more items.

What is Industrial Screen Printing?

This is a kind of printing used for mass produce and promotional items, it is also a part of the manufacturing process that enhances the overall appearance. It’s usually used for a lot of products, like the keys and the logos on your favourite brands. It has then helped creating a personality for that specific brand and establishment in the competitive world.

Purposes of Industrial Screen Printing

With the new improvements that comes along with this printing technology, it can be used for different things. Nowadays, screen printing is cleaner and therefore more accurate in design from the design to the item. It only lays down an exact amount of ink on the surface to print the design without fail. For ink, a conductive silver, lacquers, adhesives, and as well as dielectric on several surfaces.

With today’s technology, it’s possible to print on almost anything! You can now print on miniature circuits on ceramics, it is also used in touch panels, even on lithium batteries and OLED screens. Some unexpected items in this list would be the solar cells and even your favourite gadget of all time – your smartphone.  It has then went beyond the usual garments and signages – it has transformed into something of comfort and convenience. It doesn’t stop there, there’s more project that needs screen printing that will soon be released in the future – there will be an increase in demand by 2026!

Not only for the technology in your gadgets and computers, it’s also used in medicine that helps with measurement for the syringes and catheters to patches used for blood glucose test strips and transdermal patches. Transdermal patches are easy to use medical patches that helps people receive insulin and birth control in controlled doses. The common screen printed patches would be the nicotine patches for smokers who want to stop.

It is also handy for other items such as the security feature in money bills as well as for windshield defrosters. It is also used to make the thin strip of cover for scratch-off cards and tickets, as well as for backlit signage. With a lot of improvement for this technology, it’s possible that more and more products will eventually be printed and save more time and effort in producing these items!
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