Is Going Paperless Actually Better or for Worse?

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A lot of people start campaigns against paper productions and wasting papers for temporary uses since it costs an entire forest. With the presence of illegal loggers harming the environment and the trend of going green in every way possible, printing heaps and heaps of papers are often looked down upon. From the past era’s needed hard copies to today’s digital soft copies, it’s fairly obvious that people think that digital communication is way better and greener than papers. Or is it?

The horrors of digital communication

While it does indeed save paper if most people communicated digitally, it actually contributes to carbon print since digital media is entirely dependent on coal-powered electricity and is one of the major contributors to pollution. Since more people use digital communication daily, it’s no surprise that it’s also the reason for global warming. It is also one of the reasons for an increase in demand for coals that often leads to deforestation. Numerous square miles of lands are occupied by cellular networks and destroyed forests due to a large demand of electricity.

Since the data servers found in most cellular offices and companies are running nonstop, it consumes over billions of kilowatt in an hour if accumulated. In an extreme effort to go paperless, it has cost more forest and trees in order to keep the digital age alive. A large number of species are now homeless and a lot of biodiversity destroyed due to construction of these offices and mining for more coals.

The real magic of paper

One of the most recycled items is paper – it can be turned to almost anything – back to paper and even the egg crates you see in your grocery stores. Paper making is very sustainable and can help the environment more – it can be recycled over and over again! Aside from being one of the most recycled items, it is also quite more reliable than digital communications. There is no chance of leaks and hacking, and if you keep the paper carefully stored, it will last longer than its expected lifespan.

In making paper, most of the items used are scraps – recycled paper and dead dried trees. These scraps have no other use but to be turned to paper and maybe turned into paperboard for projects. Compared to other items like metals, plastic, and glass, more and more papers are being recycled. Even with increasing recycling percentage, the paper manufacturers strive to recycle more and avoid filling more in landfills.

New innovation for paper

Paper can be used in anything, not just for your exams or for your books. It strives to be used for transportation fuel and even biodegradable plastics to lessen the trash in landfills. There is also a new kind of technology that’s used to print electronic circuits as well.
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