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4 Handy Promotional Products that Boost Brand Recognition

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Whether you are using them in trade shows or as part of a giveaway marketing campaign, promotional products go a long way in impressing your brand upon the minds of anyone your business interacts with.

Although, you can’t expect them to work automatically. In fact, simply churning them out and giving them away runs counter to what makes them effective! You want your brand to be associated with value, rather than just another knick-knack to be tossed out.<.p>

That said, you should focus on promotional items that create a positive experience for your target market. This might depend on a few factors like context and industry, but the following items generally provide convenience across wide audiences.
1.Foldable Water Bottles

These are a boon, even during events like corporate trade shows. Everyone gets a little thirsty (especially in the Australian heat). Handing reusable water bottles during events gives them something that makes rehydration just a little easier. It can save them the hassle of buying expensive mineral water and presents your brand to them with every refill they make.

Speaking of expenses though, giving away some food while putting your brand on items is also another way to leave a better impression. If you are in the food business, then this keeps your brand top-of-mind even after samples have been given. And even if you aren’t, people won’t be quick to forget a business that was kind enough to give them free snacks during a presentation.
3.Tote Bags

Most of the time, events are going to have people carrying around a number of promotional items from other booths. Providing tote bags will make you a godsend when those goods start to become too many to carry around. Make the bag’s design is really attractive and displays your brand from a distance. That way more visitors will see your brand and therefore increase more engagement with it even after the event is over.

4.Fidget Spinners

Despite all the internet jokes about these little toys, fidget spinners can really draw the attention of audiences that are prone to anxiety and high stress. In corporate-style events, you might even find more than a few individuals who’d like to bring one home and have something to calm their nerves during a hectic work day. And throughout all that time, it puts your brand within their view.

A promotional product doesn’t have to be 100% related to your business in order to improve your brand’s impression. However, they do have to provide some measure of convenience (both during the time you gave them away and beyond).

It is not that complicated because the impression is further cemented by a positive memory. It’s great to be remembered as the booth that gave them those handy tote bags or offered them a decent snack while they waited in line. If you know of other items that can provide a similar experience, then don’t hesitate to give those away too!

The point is to simply provide your target with seemingly small assistance in order to make a big impact when building up further engagement. Coming up with many creative, little ways to help people really does come back to you!
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