How Print Is Actually More Comprehensible Than Digital Text

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While it’s indeed a convenience to simply download your files and novels in one handy gadget, is it better to study or read in a digital tablet? Most students carry their files in their laptops, tablets, and even phones to access it whenever they can. It even saves space and is actually light and savvy whenever you have to go out to study somewhere on the go. For trips, it’s convenient to simply pull out your phone to reply to emails, read novels, and maybe study.

But does it do you more favours than actually bringing books?

Reading on paper has been a preferred way to absorb texts and studies since it’s easier on the eyes and can motivate you to concentrate with the reading or studying instead. There’s no complaints of eye strains and the like from traditional paper backs and most of the people complained about it in digital readings. Some would even say that digital reading can actually distract you from concentrating with the text.

What about in absorbing contents?

While digital is definitely more convenient – lighter, lit for dark nights, and compresses files, it’s not as ideal as print. In some researches, a few had a hard time remembering what they’ve read in a digital screen while others had no problem at all with print. It was done in a way wherein the subjects are required to recall the story as much as possible and share it with the people conducting the experiment. They are able to remember the sequence and the story more with printed text.

Critical thinking for students

In school, critical thinking is needed to understand and comprehend ideas, evidence, and theories. It should be quick and accurate without any segue to other topics that are not needed or any way related in the field. It’s also a way for students to participate in healthy debates and actually create justifiable arguments.

In order to achieve this, one must really able to handle long periods of reading and actually understanding what they are reading. They should fully internalise what they are studying and simply not skim through.

A lot actually would say that it’s easier to focus and it’s more understandable the more you read in printed text. In long studies and readings, it’s easier to understand what you’re reading if it’s printed.

While it is indeed cheaper to get a device and have all the texts and books downloaded in it, a lot actually prefer to read books when it comes to academics. It’s easier for them to focus and memorise the items in printed text compared to its digital counterpart.
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