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Thermographic Printing – 3 Ways It Works for Marketing

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As you know, there are many different types of printing out there and they all have excellent, artistic applications for marketing.

This post, however, is going to cover some quick and handy facts about the fine art of thermographic printing.

Now, as a bit of refresher, thermographic printing creates a quasi-3D look for your texts and designs. It is often used for making very classy greeting cards and invitations for special occasions (even though it is actually more affordable than it looks).

The process is usually a three-step technique which starts with very wet ink, followed by an application of embossing powder and then finished up with heat to achieve its effect.

How does this sort of effect work for marketers? Here are three ways how:
1. It’s a very affordable process.
If you are trying to create a classy, embossed design for your print materials then this type of printing is the one you can use without breaking your bank. In fact, it is so affordable, some people have even taken it up as a hobby! All one needs is slow drying ink, embossing powder and a decent heat gun.

If you are a small business or a solopreneur, you can get a decent amount of value from a little DYI thermographic printing. Alternatively, there are also business printing services that offer it at very reasonable prices. If you are looking to add a bit of class to your advertising designs, then this type of printing can accomplish that look while saving money.
2. Some target markets pay a lot of attention to classy designs.
Of course, you might wonder if having a gleaming, embossed look is really what you want for your prints. To answer that question, it is always important to go back to what your target market wants.

And if your target market has a thing for a stylish or heavy-set look, it is better to have thermographic printing as an option. You need only look at some samples around the web to see the variety of designs that are only best accomplished with the 3D-style. Some have a rather dark and refined look while others create a beautiful impression of illuminated text.

With thermographic printing, you can create materials that will greatly draw the attention of customers attracted to designs like this.
3. It is a great aesthetic for packaging.
Whether you’re selling cakes or books, you can also apply this same printing technique on your product packages. It is not simply limited to pure advertising!

After all, impressing your brand’s image goes well beyond flyers and posters. Using thermographic printing for packaging just adds that nice little touch to your product when customers interact with it. The texture of the raised letters and lines are just another way to impress that image on their’ minds.

Overall, it is a type printing that gives a posh and polished impression without necessarily being just as expensive. If this is the direction you want to go for marketing, then go for it! It saves money while keeps your brand image looking very classy.
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