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Get Remarkable Time and Cost Savings on Print Marketing

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With business cards, flyers, direct mail, booklets and more, your marketing costs would easily bloat if you’re not cautious. Once the required budget for the printing materials has you rubbing your forehead in worry, you know it’s time to cut back on the costs. Prevent further wastage and frown lines by examining your expenses today and using these tips.
  1. Know your numbers. Review your data. How effective has your print marketing been? This can’t be emphasised enough for direct mail because it involves postage and mailing costs. Plus, packing the materials is time-consuming. If no one is carefully monitoring and assessing the ROI on these, your total marketing costs would quickly balloon.
  2. Know when to hire an in-house designer and when to get freelancers. If you’ll be creating several new designs regularly, it’s best to have your own designers. However, consider streamlining your graphics and applying only minor alterations to specific needs. If this is applicable, opt to employ freelancers.
  3. Have a clear checklist of what you want before printing. From the font choice and colour to the background design to the kind of paper used to the exact size, it should be detailed. Each of this should be discussed and agreed on between your marketing department and your designer. Why? This brings us to our next point.
  4. Get it right on your first try. Did your company have to reprint any marketing collaterals due to a mistake in the wording or the design, which you didn’t notice in the soft copy? Or the size turned out to be bigger than you needed? Maybe the colours didn’t come out right. These are mistakes you need to anticipate if you’re unfamiliar with printing the item, no matter how simple creating a poster sounds. When you’re working with a seasoned expert, these are much less likely to happen. However, before deciding on partnering with a printer for the long-term, ensure you get one that communicates well. You should be kept well-informed of the concepts and up-to-date on progress.
  5. Shorten the process. You’ve got enough on your hands with planning campaigns and implementing them. Choose a printing firm that would also take care of canvassing vendors, sourcing of materials and, when needed, packing them.

Cost-cutting methods can harm you in the long run and ironically lose you more money when they’re short-sighted and hastily planned. Quality and customer satisfaction should be at the forefront of your brand. When you gain the loyalty and trust of your consumers, your profit would easily outweigh the expenses and make every cent invested worth it.

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