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Digital vs Offset Printing: What’s the difference?

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Firstly, it’s the technology that’s the major difference and then it generally comes down to time and money. Doesn’t everything? In the end, it’s what suits your business that matters most.

Offset Printing

  • Plates are made for each page which then transfers ink onto rollers   which is then transferred onto the paper. That’s how it gets its name as the ink doesn’t have initial direct contact with the paper.
  • Large commercial runs of 1000 or more (of the same design) are more economical.
  • Exact colour matching is achievable using specific Pantone colours  (mainly used for high end corporate printing).Metallic inks are also available.
  • Time consuming and high setup cost (makes smaller runs more expensive).
  • Making changes can be expensive if artwork is changes after plates are made.
  • Variable date is not an option.
Turn around time
  • Typically 3-15 working days, but can be longer depending on finishes.
Digital PrintingTechnology
  • CMYK toner or ink is applied directly to the paper.
  • Low to no setup costs makes smaller runs affordable.
  • Easy to customize using variable data or make changes to artwork.
  • Fast turn around.
  • High commercial volumes are more expensive to print.
  • Pantone colours are not used in digital printing therefore exact colour matching is more difficult
  • Most digital printers can’t print metallic colours (but here at Agility Print, we can).
Turn around time
  • Can be 24 hours or sooner!
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