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Personalising Your Journal with Colourful Custom Stickers

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Journals are fun to have – you can draw on them and create content about your day, scribbles, and anything. But simply writing on your journal can be dull and sad, since there will be nothing to look back to. The fun part about journals is when you read through your past and the stories you reminisce along the way. It makes your heart swell up and even teary eyed just to learn how far you’ve come in your life.

Journaling is a nice habit as well, writing down everything that comes up actually improves your writing skills and even creativity. There are a lot of things you can do with it – mostly it possesses your memories and ideas that you plan to make it happen soon. It’s the embodiment of your thoughts and memories – something you can go back to. Fully customize your journal is actually an excellent idea since it shows your personality and feelings more.

But why invest in a tiny booklet filled with scribbles? Some people actually hand down their journals to their children and it has become a tradition. The only way the can actually see and feel the event written in your journal is through photographs, some dried plants and seeds perhaps, and of course, stickers. You might notice how some big companies create a journal with a few sheets of stickers – that’s because of the sole purpose of creating their own moments more personalized.

There’s beauty in creating your own stickers – fully customized that is actually relatable to you and your life. Since there are a lot of moments that are simply special and can’t explain them in words, the best way to show the special moment through a myriad of stickers. Maybe even get creative and glue on your best pictures.

The best way to also immortalize a memory is perhaps writing or printing a nice song lyric that you’ve heard that day. One mention of the line from a song you love can immediately bring you back – -plus it’s a good addition to the journal that might even move you to tears while reminiscing. It’s also artistic to make your journal more colourful – but make sure you have your custom designed stickers printed in a decent printing company.

Aside from the fun side of these stickers, it also is a way to make your entries permanent as well. Since most stickers are waterproof and are durable plastics, you can be more at lax whenever you do artworks on your journal – like watercolour art. There are a lot of things you can do with stickers, and the sky’s the limit for the patterns you can think of. It can make your journal more bright and colourful.

But make sure you get the best printing services around you since it will be something you can look back to and enjoy reminiscing. The best ink used for these stickers and photos are ideal since they won’t just fade easily and it will last a couple of years. When finally passed down to the next generation, they will still see the art and the memories you place in it and they will be able to feel what you feel during that time.

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