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Perfect Printed Gifts You Can Give to Your Friends and Family

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It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year – there will be warm cuddles by the fireplace, roasted dinners and potlucks, and of course, a gathering of your loved ones. There are many things you are thankful for, from the raise you had this year to new friends you’ve made – it’s time to get extra creative and send them your love.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your loved ones feel extra special, and it doesn’t have to be expensive and branded! You can go for DIY items that will definitely warm them up this cold season, and it will be a lovely addition to their homes. You can even bag a giggle or two when you present your genius gift that would save their lives – and perhaps even remember a certain memory from it.

Here are some fun ideas you can do:

  • Ceramic Tile Coasters. You can select the best photographs you have with that special someone and have them printed on ceramic tiles to use as coasters. Not only does it look chic and artsy, but it also looks great whenever they serve up drinks for guests. It might even become a conversation piece – your partner or friend will definitely appreciate it!
  • DIY Planner. Do you like drawing? Maybe have some of your sketches scanned and printed on the planner and they will instantly remember you whenever they use it. They will appreciate the fact that you want them to organise their lives and perhaps even convince them to meet up with you more. They will like making plans and schedules with this DIY planner that you can add some knick knacks in as well.
  • Printed Apparels. Why not print your face in the shirts you give? Or maybe print it on the apron for the best chef you know. This will definitely gather laughs as they try on their gifts on the gathering – and it will become a memorable holiday you share with them. While it is indeed a funny gift, they will appreciate the fact that you went through all the trouble to have it printed and give it to them.
  • DIY Keychain. You might think that a keychain is so cliche, but keychains can be personalised and will definitely make the receiver think of you. Maybe have your favourite picture printed and eventually sealed in resin. You can add charms that you think suits the person you gave it to – like a small gaming console for the avid gamer you know along with the picture you liked. It’s the best way to immortalise memories.
  • Cute Printed Mugs. Most of your loved ones probably drink tea or coffee, so why not give them the perfect mug to enjoy their favourite drinks? You can add the cheesiest quote you can think of that suits them well or just stick with their names to make it personal. You can even add some doodles you made and let them giggle whenever they see it.
  • Personalised Phone Case. Before you decide on this, you need to know what kind of phone your loved one has before giving them. You can save a nice photo you can have them print on a plain case and give it to them. It will make their phone look good while being protected in scratches and dents.
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