5 Crucial Aspects that Need to Be Incorporated in Business Stationery Designs

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Business stationery depicts what a business is all about. Unfortunately, creating business stationery has recently been put on the sides because most companies think they’re obsolete. However, these “writing papers with matching envelopes,” can still be invaluable tools for efficient business marketing strategies.

But one can’t just make business stationery and expect them to magically work in their favour. Just like recognising the importance of converting RGB to CMYK in printing, there are crucial aspects that must be subtly integrated within the stationery. Today, we’ll be taking a look at these aspects to better understand the importance of each.

1. The Business’ Logo Design

The business’ logo design is the most important symbol design that should be included in every business letterheads and stationery. There’s no exception to this because company logos act as brand builders for the business and company. People are known to remember logos and images better compared to words, which means that they’ll be quick to associate the design with whatever brand identity the business or company has.

2. Slogan or Catchphrase

Adding in a slogan or catchphrase will undoubtedly spice up any kind of business stationery. When making a catchphrase, however, it’s best to remember that it’s basically a condensed version of a company’s mission and vision statements. Some good examples are from GE’s (General Electronics) slogan that reads “We bring good things to life,” and the popular catchphrase from the British Airways saying “To fly, to serve.”

3. The Year When the Business was Established

Just because a lot of well-established companies and businesses don’t include the year they were established in, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s bad practice. The year of establishment in business stationery shows how relevant and confident a company is; as it translates to the excellent services and/or high-quality products that have helped it flourish over the years. This is especially effective in a highly volatile market where start-ups often fail during their first year, while long-time running businesses use their experience to boost their credibility.

4. Customer Service Helplines and Hotlines

Including the customer service helpline or hotline number on the stationery will help the customer get in touch with someone who can offer assistance. It serves as a sort of assurance from the business to their customers by letting them know that they’re willing to go the extra mile for their valued patrons. This also makes customers feel taken care of and listened to, as helpline agents provide solutions to their problems.

5. Certificates

Certifications serve as the “cherry on top,” for business stationery. This tells everyone that they’ve been certified by legitimate government agencies. There’s no need to actually paste an image of the image, but a simple mention of the details that encompass the certification (e.g.  “ISO 27001:2017 certified”) is enough.

Business stationery is truly a saving grace for businesses and companies. Unfortunately, global business trends aren’t giving it much attention. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone should just start making half-hearted business stationery. Despite its declining trend, business stationery still require planning and passion to work and business needs the right printing company—a company that understands why you should never rush designs—dares to go against the trend and deliver exceptional business stationery for their clients.
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