Why you Should Never Rush Designs

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As a businessman, you might notice that you are either short on time or heavily packed in your schedules. Because of the tight schedules and the strict meeting times, you might even make rushed decisions that you would regret later on. Your decisions and your projects should always be carefully curated and supervised in order to provide excellent service to your clients or customers.

With this age of endless possibilities with technology and trends, it’s easy to lose track of your ongoing projects and you start more and bite into something you can’t even chew yet. You end up requesting for a sped up bad design for your brochures or posters just to get it over with and start a different project. You might think it’s okay, but it will be one of your problems in the long run!

Reasons Why You Should Not Settle with Bad Designs:
  • You lose credibility. A poor design might even go as far as shattering the image and professionalism you wanted to show to the people. They might even as go as far as switching brands since you lost the quality you have established. Business is a unforgiving venture, you will realise that as soon as you have made mistakes and it cost you a couple of customers and clients. Maintaining a quality you have started is the best way to keep your customers – maybe even improve it for the better.
  • You end up redoing what should have been done a few days back. The people didn’t like your new design and it confused them rather than helping. Instead, you end up hiring a designer to fix what should’ve been done a few days ago if it wasn’t rushed in the first place. A creative process takes time, and rushing an artist to get it done ahead of time won’t end well for you and for the design.
  • You spend more. Since you needed to redo the design, you end up spending more rather than waiting for a better and more professional design. You print a fresh batch of merchandise, brochure, business cards, and more – and the old ones with the confusing and tasteless design is left to rot in your drawer. Better design and patience work hand in hand – you get the best results after a few days.
  • You lose the foundation you have made. If your business was fashion related and, since you are short on time, you slap clip arts and chose the weirdest font style and size ever. This will not only harm your reputation but it will also cause for your clients to lose their trust in you. You don’t present something expensive in a trash bag – your clients will doubt its true value.
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