Importance of Converting RGB to CMYK in Printing

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As you may know from the last blog entry, printers actually mix together basic colours RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) to make the picture you designed digitally. CMYK, or the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black), mostly use colour spaces to create the picture you’ve designed – and usually these colours aren’t accurate. They add or subtract the amount of key colour, or black, on that specific area and make the colour you want close to home. CMYK is typically used in mass produced printed items like magazines, newspapers, and some flyers you see all around you.

Importance of converting to RGB to CMYK:

Since most mass produced printed materials use CMYK, it’s important to convert your designs from your computer from RGB to CMYK. Because there are some colours that can’t completely be copied by the CMYK style, it’s important to convert your file from RGB to CMYK to give notice that ‘what you see is what you get’ project. They are usually said to be ‘ out of the CMYK colour gamut’, and the colour you saw in your screen won’t be the same as the printed finish. Especially if you need to do this for a client, it has to be converted in order to avoid disappointment.

Convert your files through these steps:

Regardless of what kind of software you use, the steps are generally the same in converting RGB to CMYK. You may have designed the items in vibrant colours and are excited to see them in print, but honestly, you won’t be able to get it with a CMYK style of printing. The spot printing would be too expensive and tedious. Here is how you can change your designs into a CMYK file:

  1. Click on the printing tools and look for the colour printing and click on the process colours CMYK. You have to make sure that the images you need to print are linked and simply not embedded to keep the quality of the CMYK colour space in that specific photo. You can access the options through Tools/Commercial Printing, then go for manager, then simply highlight the embedded image. You can link it and browse to locate the original file to link it to your project. You may need these when you have to contact with your printing service.

  2. There are other drawing and editing softwares that offer easy CMYK converting options that can be altered as soon as clicking the new file option. You can find it in mode or outline colouring option, make sure to change it into CMYK.

  3. Another option would be to choose the edit colours, then show colours in use, and highlight the colour to edit it. You need to change the model into CMYK and deselect the spot colour. Make sure that all of your original images are saved in one folder before submitting it to your printing service.
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