The 4 Types of Billboards that Makes a Business Capture Everyone’s Attention

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Billboards have been around for quite a long time (specifically 152 years), since the earliest documented billboard leasings were back in 1867, according to Nowadays, billboards have been revolutionised. These signs are made to capture people’s attention, often employing bright colours to its design complemented by a short, but catchy, line, and bring your designs to life with amazing effects.

In terms of its use, billboards haven’t changed that much over the past century. In fact, plenty of various billboards have emerged, looking identical at first, but are pretty different nonetheless. Speaking of which, most people probably don’t know that there are 4 types of billboards that can get their businesses noticed, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today.

1. Wallscape Billboards

Let’s start off with the largest kind of billboard that businesses and advertisers can purchase: the Wallscape billboard. This behemoth of a sign is often utilised as the signature piece in advertising campaigns with an outdoor setting. It comes in enormous sizes, often going beyond 700 square feet! Some of these billboards can be printed or hand-painted, and they are very popular due to the lasting impression they leave.

2. Tri-Board Billboards

Tri-boards, or Tri-board billboards, lets advertisers and businesses rent advertisement space in thirds. Its advantage over regular billboards is that the signs on display can be changed between three advertisements during the course of the day. The ability to change advertisements greatly increases the potential of billboard owners to procure more revenue. However, tri-boards are becoming less popular as huge digital displays lower their prices.

3. Digital Billboards

Out of the 4 types of billboards, the digital billboards is the one that’s increasingly becoming popular to businesses and advertisers. The reason for its notoriety is thanks to the convenience that it offers: launching ads instantaneously. This makes the jobs of both advertisers and suppliers a lot easier since they won’t have to hire workers who will attach and remove billboard ads. Aside from that, it also allows advertisers to purchase billboards that have specific time slots throughout the day! As if these conveniences weren’t already enough, digital billboards also allow animation, video, and running text to play on the ad!

4. Standard Billboards

Last, but certainly not the least, standard billboards are the ones that people often encounter on a day-to-day basis. They’re oftentimes printed on paper and attached to the billboard (mostly on signs and signage like the stand signs found in coffee shops) by employees in the establishment. Though print is the common way to do it, some standard billboards are in fact hand-painted.

What’s important to remember here is that although there are different types of billboards, all of them have the same basic function: to capture people’s attention. They are designed to improve your marketing campaigns and should be used to their fullest potential. Take your time on finding a reliable printing company that will collaborate with you about the design, what impression you want to leave, and how your billboard will leave an impact on every person’s time.
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