When and Why Should You Use Luxury Paper in Print

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Paper has been used for over centuries, and each kind has its own purpose. May it be for writing, painting, sketching, folding, or more, each paper has its own use for everyday crafts and usage. In print, various luxury papers are used to make depth, mood, and personality – it helps establish first impressions and even make it more special and intimate. Depending on the occasion or purpose, papers can bring out the best in print.

But when should you use these luxury papers?

You can’t just pull out a good paper and give it to a toddler to draw on, these luxury papers bring out a different kind of vibe for the print it has – for wedding invitations, it makes it more romantic and classy if you use pearlescent or metallic papers. While designing the print with ideal font and colours, the paper used helps a lot in delivering the mood and personality.

Depending on the occasion and the purpose, luxury paper makes the event feel more special and personalised with its intricate design and texture.

Here are the different kinds of paper and when you can use them:  

  • Laid Paper. This 12th century design makes for a great paper for charcoal artists and and painters. It has been around for a while, thus its durability has been tested for centuries. Nowadays, it has been used as a preferred menu paper for that rustic charm and classy look – and it’s quite durable even with droplets of water that seem to find its way on its pages. Some publishing companies even use this kind of paper to make the novels or educational books more relative with the topic’s era. Besides, this medieval paper makes any print seem intellectual and ‘legit’ as younger people call it.
  • Extra Smooth Paper. This shiny finish paper may even pass as a photo paper for those who wants to put photos on invitations or any marketing ventures like brochures and pamphlets. It makes the text look more professional and reliable – meaning your printed guides can speak for itself on how you’re established as a company. Plus, it makes your product photos look even better!
  • Pearlescent and Metallic Papers. These kinds of papers are usually the go-to quality for wedding invitations and any glamorous party invitation to deliver a kind of class to the receiver. With the right combination of stylish font and graphic design, it creates a luxurious vibe to the text printed on it and makes the receiver feel special. It might be a good paper to use when you need to invite loyal clients to a party – it definitely beats the cold email you send them!
  • Linen Effect Paper. This stiff yet luxurious paper creates a more professional yet classy look for any stationery and greeting cards you need to send your clients. Its texture make it seem like you’re touching real linen cloth –  making your company seem sophisticated whenever you use this kind of paper for invitations. Besides, the matte and simple printed design gives the entirety of the invitation or greeting card a more classy look.
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