Perfect Ideas for Printed Invitations for Business Events and Parties

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Most business events often send purely email invitation to save up on print. However, having just a little extra for a well-designed card can go a very, very long way in winning top clientele.

After all, the very ease of blasting email invitations has made it feel overused, unrefined and lacking effort from the eyes of some sophisticated prospects. Throwing in print invitations can take them by surprise, with the better designs leading to better conversions.

That said, what qualifies as ‘better design’ can be highly up for debate in your marketing team. There is a risk that an invitation will be doing too little or too much, resulting in the recipient feeling a bit intimidated. How do you break down all the design possibilities and figure out which one is for you?

As a start, it’s best to know the most effective ideas.

1. Powerful wording
If you can’t seem to spend much in the way of elaborate design, attractive images or print material, then catching a recipient’s interest will be all about the words you use.In addition to that, make sure the style of words are a good match for your choice of typeface and card colour.

Like with email though, the most important rule is to keep the invite short, sweet and simple. It must tell the recipient the most important thing they need to know about the event. Posting the five Ws might be your first instinct, but don’t just slap them on robotically.

First try to describe your event in a brief yet exciting way that would then encourage them to open up the invitation to learn more. Put something on the invitation that touches upon their needs, like if they have been looking for particular business solution or have been looking to attend a showcase of innovative ideas. (Don’t forget to finish it up with an impactful CTA as well!)

2. Theme and matching typeface.
When you decide to give a theme to your invitation, you are torn between making one that represents the event itself or your own organization. To resolve this dilemma, you must first determine more basic things they have in common.

Is the event a very business-minded occasion and you are there for similar reasons? Or perhaps, the event is more casual while still showcasing something that is well worth the attendance?

Decide on a theme that best satisfies this questions so that your customer will get a good impression on what good things to expect. If it involves a powerful presentation, then consider a subdued theme with a rather prestigious typeface (like Book Antiqua or Georgia). If it involves a light dinner and a classy atmosphere, then maybe something more like Champignon. (You should also consider what kind of finish you can use to further add to the impression.)

In other words, design your printed invitation in a way that will mould the attendees expectations from you and the event itself.

3. Provide it an impressive function.
One way or another, there is a strong chance that your recipient will expect something a little more than what is just written on the invitation. If you are still think the printed piece struggles to drive action, then consider giving your invitation another function!

If you are a seller at the event, then try putting detachable coupons that they can use for a discount. Tell the recipient that they can also present the invitation to avail of conveniences like free valet parking or some discounts in an online store.

Remember, a good idea for a printed invitation isn’t limited to the paper itself. It can tie with your overall marketing strategy and can be an effective driver in your customer’s journey to giving you business. Allow it to do more than just extend an invitation!

In an age where electronic invites are as fast as phone calls, putting a bit more extra effort print can some punch in your marketing appeal. Try giving these design ideas a go and show your prospects and customers what a really sincere invitation looks like!
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