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Unique Brochure Ideas You Need to Try

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Marketing is a vital part of every business, and in marketing, it’s important to get your brand and message across. Marketing showcases different ways of getting your word across, and one of the classic and most used material is the brochure. Brochures are basically a folded single-paged paper containing text and images that your company represents. Through a brochure, you can express your creativity and make it unique and stand out from the rest.

How to unleash creativity with brochures?

Brochures are meant to stand out – meaning you can unleash the ideas you want to apply and maybe mix and match fun items for your design. But it shouldn’t lack the important information that your customers and clients should know – the details for the services and products, address and contact number, and the images for the products. May it be from hospitals to private business sectors, these can be applied in brochure designs!

Alternative brochure designs you might want to try:

  1. Turn it into an invitation. Mostly, when you think of brochures, it’s always the same boring folded paper. Make something out of it by using a brochure to an invitation – it will provide them information about your services, products, as well as the event data. You don’t have to answer commonly asked questions since it’s on the invitation – meaning you can discuss business as soon as possible. It will save you both time and effort!
  2. Fold it differently. When you have paper, you can fold it multiple ways to make it stand out and look more fun. You can go for a cube, prism, or any other shape that would make the readers remember your brand well. While it’s fun and out-of-the-box, these can still help promote your products in a more positive light. It gives personality to your company and gives life to what kind of services or products you offer.
  3. Use the most iconic product you have. Imagery is the best way to capture the attention of your target audience. It will make them think that they do need the product and realise that your services are needed. Aside from that, it stands out from the rest and it gives you an edge compared to your competitors. It provides a story and vision what the product strives to give to people – while representing the company in a good light.
  4. Adding more information. People enjoy to research more about the products they use and the occasional testimonials by the past users. These days, they actually try to understand what the product has done, or if it’s cruelty free, or vegan – they’ve become more responsible now and they strive to help the environment by becoming a responsible consumer. Providing them infographic on how they can contribute, save, and spend less effort with your product and services is a guaranteed win.
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