How to Make Your Brochures More Interesting

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Making your business boom is one of the things you aim to do – meaning you need to go out of your way in order to make it happen. This includes thorough planning, research, and even a bit of experimenting. But what established businesses do is they rely on print like flyers, pamphlets, and brochures to make it easier for the common folk to see their newest designs and products. While it is indeed the digital age, you can’t help but still go back to the trusted and proven way – digital prints.

How businesses boomed with print

There are a lot of reasons why more people know about Target than Amazon – it’s because they see the signs more often rather than relying on the advertisements online. Since they always see it – and because of the iconic logo associated with Target, it’s memorable for those who are incompetent with technology or those who simply don’t have gadgets even at home. Commonly, starting businesses stick with pamphlets or brochures to advertise their business. From signs to fliers, it’s easier to remember when it’s touched and kept.

But how to lure in customers with brochures?

Brochures, as easy as they seem, are challenging to design. You need to keep in mind the content, colours, photos, and a lot more before you can finalise the entire thing and move on to the next project. Before you can even think of printing the design in your head, you need to keep in mind these tips to make it interesting to readers:

  • Understanding your target audience. Do you sell paints? Give services to a certain age group? Does your product define fun or strictly business? You need to understand who you want to talk to – what kind of people they are, what jobs they have, what personalities you think they have, and age if it’s applicable. Per person, there are different styles and approaches, so if you have a teenage-based product or service, you have to research the latest memes or shows to relate to them.
  • Make your photos really pop. No one wants to see bland images and photographs on a brochure, it would make your business seem sad or your services doesn’t feel enough. The best way to get the attention of the customers and clients you want to attract would be to use high definition photos with eye-catching colours. Instead of using too much words, these photos will give your future customers a preview of what you can do or provide.
  • Make your headline interesting. This is the first thing your customers or clients see before anything else, and if it’s something that they can relate to, or thinking about, they will definitely pick it up. The challenge is to make it short and catchy, especially for the specific age group you want to target. Research what makes them tick and what their selling point is – it will definitely make them reach for a copy.
  • Be concise. Have you ever wondered why the thickest non-fiction books are harder to sell? No one wants to read for that long and boring speech about how your company came to be. What you can do is give them a brief preview of what you offer and how you give your services to people. It pays a bit to give some short testimonials about your past clients as well.
  • Making it unique. Does your brochure fold into something or conceal a certain artwork relevant to your product or service? Consider incorporating your products and services in the design and make your brochure unforgettable to people who’ve seen it.
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