Direct Mail and Making Connections: Change the Gameplay by Sending Personalised Mail

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In this era of emails, a lot of people get giddy over the concept of snail mail. Even you would feel special when someone sends you a love letter through mail, and it’s more memorable that way. Imagine doing this with marketing – the crowded email versus the ‘forgotten’ direct mail style, more people will remember your brand and establishment. They will likely keep your direct mail if you attach special coupons in it and it will help you gain popularity in the long run.

Why is it more memorable?

You touch it and interact with it, and people who usually physically touch items has a higher chance of remembering the text written on it. Unlike clogging your customers and clients emails filled with pop-ads and videos, this direct mail is more precise and doesn’t waste your customer’s time. They might read it later, but it won’t be buried under a heap of emails if left alone for a couple of days or even weeks. They can always get to it later.

A hard copy can be attached anywhere or on the surface – usually the fridge, and can be remembered whenever the need arises. While it is good as is, it works so much better with digital channels luring more people to check out your business. Altogether, there could be an increase of 7.9% response rate!

How does it change the gameplay?

  • It’s real. While everyone is clearly hooked with the digital world, there is a difference when someone receives real mail. There’s no scare of opening the mail and it’s filled with scam and malware, it’s just the message you want to give and the reader. It’s a direct to the point message and maybe a couple of coupons for the lucky receiver. There’s no threat of being deleted without knowing the existence of your promo – your reader will surely know you’ve sent them a message since no one throws their mail without scanning it first.
  • It can be creative. You want your brand or business to stand out? Why not add some flair in it and make it more unforgettable? With this age of internet and social media, it’s possible that they will post your unique mail in their profile. While personalisation is quite tedious, you can replace some images and quotes to make it unique for each location or maybe loyalty status for each customer. Brainstorming for uniqueness can pay off as it can increase up to 20% response rate!
  • It’s no longer a common marketing strategy. Most companies go for the digital channels since they think direct mail is expensive and utterly useless. They have a mindset that direct mail will be ignored since most people are connected through the internet. But in reality, direct mail is a wide open field that covers most of the age criteria. Over 80% of the people would say that they pay attention to direct mail – since in actuality, getting an actual mail is rare nowadays.
  • It can be automated. One of the reasons why most companies are not keen on using direct mail is because they think it will require more work. There are some printing companies who offer services that will make it easier for you to schedule the next mail distribution.
  • Digital and direct work hand in hand. Who says you only need one marketing strategy? By boosting your popularity with both medium, there will be an assurance of increasing your response rate. Your client is always on the go? An email will be good, as well as proper SEO service and the like. But if your client is over 80 and is too confused on how the internet works, direct mail is your friend. Through this, you cover a wide range of age targets that normally won’t be hit by just digital channels alone.
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