The Real Purpose of QR Codes and How they Work

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The Internet is a place where lots of fads have surfaced and disappeared ever since its creation. From chain letters to viral videos, thousands of the Internet craze had people hooked throughout the years. But there was one thing that all of them had in common: they eventually faded to obscurity. However, there is one Internet fad that has defiantly remained and survived many incorrect predictions thrown at it, common dangers of the digital age. And especially in this day and age where the pandemic has almost taken over our lives – we need something that that refrains us from touching anything that could possibly be  contaminated. What we’re referring to is the ever-useful, but often misunderstood, QR (Quick Response) codes.

Getting to Know What a QR Code Is

The QR code has many uses – it originate from Japan, designed back in 1994 so Japanese car manufacturers could track automobile parts. They’re basically an extension of the typical barcodes we’ve been using since the mid-1970s, which can be found from everyday supermarket groceries to humongous container shipments.  Companies have utilised it to gain an advantage over competitors, proving that its reach goes beyond the web of the Internet. However, they greatly differ from their forefathers because they have a lot more to offer. The reason why QR codes are seen almost everywhere (on websites, on t-shirts, on billboards, etc.) is due to their capability to store (as well as digitally present) more data. They can present text, URL links, and geographical coordinates. Doing a quick scan using a smartphone equipped with a QR code reader, makes it possible for individuals to easily acquire the details found inside the codes.

QR Code Applications

There are many QR code uses available for everyone, provided by the businesses that utilise them. Printing companies then began to study about QR codes and how to incorporate them into projects that clients requested, as a response to their needs. More often than not, most businesses use these codes for… 
  • discount codes
  • linking to an app store download
  • linking to a YouTube channel or video
  • linking to a Google Maps coordinate
  • serving as a business card
  • being a website’s “contact us,” info
 Now, bear in mind that this isn’t an extensive list of the many applications that most businesses use QR codes for. They serve other purposes too, but their usage mostly revolves around purchasing and discounts, finding a certain location, or acquiring contact information.

How it Benefits Businesses

Unlike the conventional barcode, businesses could store data of up to one hundred times in QR codes. This is what makes the wide variety of applications available possible. In a marketing perspective, the interesting and unique appearance of the code urges people to engage with it, efficiently improving customer engagement. QR codes provide additional reasons as to why you should never rush designs as well, due to the way they affect people. QR codes are a testament to how important printing truly is. Without printing, it would’ve been impossible for businesses to take advantage of the QR code uses that offer convenience for most of their customers. It’s certainly safe to say that a lot of businesses are probably thankful that out of all the Internet fads, QR codes remained alive.
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