The Dangers of the Digital Age

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Since the internet is readily accessible to everyone, data and other important information can almost be accessed without much difficulty. It can also be a place of data corruption wherein some programmers send in malware through emails and advertisements that can be unwittingly clicked and spread in the computer or amongst clueless friends. It’s almost scary to share important information via emails and folder sharing that can be prone for hacking and unwanted leaks.

While the technology these days are definitely improving, likelihood of hackers getting better is almost unavoidable as well. From small to big corporations, there has been a number of information hacking that has sadly made some civilians feel unsafe to use their computer or access the internet. This is why keeping important records in hard copy is important.

Why Print is Still Better

Aside from the bulkiness, print can never be hacked or duplicated without knowledge if kept properly. These can be safely shared and delivered in a secure envelope – if you deliver it yourself. It’s also safer to print out important data and ongoing projects to avoid leaks outside the intended circle of people. Printing documents will be easier for people to review documents and go back to whenever there are highlighted areas needed to be discussed.

In terms of other documents like thesis, novels, and the like, it’s harder to informally circulate the data if it’s in hard copy. It will be controlled in its distribution and will be managed with care by proper authorities. Through hard copy, it’s harder to manipulate the data presented as well – as it’s final and it will take a different process to alter it again.

The Downside of the Internet

If you think that internet is a blessing, it’s not always necessarily true. For example, there have been a couple of hacks that led to stealing of funds, duplicating contracts, and the like. And if you store your documents and information in a cloud, there’s also a chance of being hacked in one go. Not really safe is it?

The automatic logins and the syncs can also cripple you – you might have forgotten where you have accessed your account and it might be still logged in that it can be accessed by anyone. If you’re the type who relies on the internet for saving data and confidential documents, then maybe you should go for print instead.
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