Thank You Cards: Best Way to Thank Clients

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Without loyal customers and clients, your business won’t exist, and it’s important that you show your gratitude to those who stayed loyal to your business. It can be a form of greeting or a sign of farewell – if ever your business is closing and you want to open a new venture instead – to those you worked with. While farewells are sad, it can be a beginning of something new – commemorate new beginnings with a classy thank you card.

Why are thank you cards a thing?

Thank you cards are heartfelt and pretty much more memorable compared to emails, and your clients will feel valued as well. It’s genuine and much more sincere – especially when it’s handwritten. Even if this will be the end of your partnership for your brand, you might even need each other’s help in the future. This thank you note will be a great way to establish a good relationship for years to come. 

Thank you note as a way of showing gratitude to opening a new partnership with them is also better, along with personal meeting and greeting too. People find it professional when the business they team up with actual value and spend time making them feel welcome – it will be a great way to boost rapport and the first impression as well.

These cards should also be used for your employees as well – if they decide to leave your company, it’s always better to keep a good relationship with them. This should be a culture in your company so everyone will feel valued and will work harder in the future.

Ways to use thank you cards:
  • Partnership. Remind business partners and clients that you’re thankful for the chance they gave to you and that you’re always willing to help them whenever.
  • Business. Thank them for choosing your company to do business with, and that you value their input and their loyalty.
  • Help. Did they refer your business to someone else? Did they help you gain more customers? Thank them for their efforts and say that you value their contribution to your business.
  • Meeting. Despite your clients’ busy schedules, they still made time for you so you can meet with them and discuss improvements. This is an effort for them, and it shouldn’t be forgotten. 
  • Heartfelt testimony. They said good things about your product, and it’s only fair to say thanks for their effort.
  • Great work. Your employee needs a little loving too – if they’ve done a good job, say thanks for their effort!
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