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Why Printed Brochures Are Still Alive

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You might think that in this day and age, paper should be obsolete and gone, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of instances wherein brochures or magazines are still handed out to people, may it be from a private business or in a school, but it’s easier to review them out whenever you can. It’s easier to go back to certain pages rather than letting them download PDF versions – most likely they’ll be discouraged to check out everything in your digital brochure.

Brochures, especially in the educational sector, proves to be the most relevant communication tool in the current era. It’s a best way for you to show them what your facilities are since there are photographs in each section, plus instead of letting people download things off the website, you can actually talk to your target audience and explain to them the purpose of each building or activity available in schools. Aside from those, there are more advantages in printing out brochures:

  1. Bigger Advantage. These days, not much companies would look twice in printing brochures since they believe that it’s old-fashioned and outdated. While indeed there are social medias out there that spreads the word, brochures actually stick on and gives you a more personal relationship with the person face to face rather than answering things in call or chat. They also stand out a lot since not much companies use them anymore, so a bigger advantage for you!

  2. Cost Effective. While it may seem like expensive in the long run, it’s actually quite affordable. If you ask a decent printing service nearby, they will give you a decent discount if you ordered enough in bulk and it actually saves you more. The fact that sometimes, customers already understand your services and will most likely won’t ask for one makes it more the better. The crisp images and the text is easier to remember when you felt and touch it.

  3. Environmentally Friendly. You can go and ask your printing service to use biodegradable ink and paper – it would cost more but is definitely a big help to the environment. All the while, you can also proudly state this that your school or business takes the state of the environment seriously and would invest more in good items. It’s a win-win.
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