Hard Copy (Print) VS PDF for Research and Assignments

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Since the dawn of time, teacher and student relationship has been recorded by papers, numerous papers. Ranging from research, thesis, and more recently, assignments, it has been a common trend in most educational sectors. Tons of hard copies are preserved over time and has assisted in aiding current researches and even assignments today. From handwritten documents to printed in the modern era, it’s safe to say that these hard copies are the foundation of the current education and technological advancement.

But along a lot of things, there came a digital counterpart for books and papers. It may as even go as more convenient than printing it off and carrying more books and papers than needed. It’s actually a good invention for students and researchers who simply want to change some inputs on the go or review their research papers. But like most technological advances, it has its own downside as well.

  1. Papers never run out of battery. Pretty much a give away, but ebooks and tablets require electricity to function and work. You need to charge every now and then if you use it a lot, and sometimes it drains as fast as your phone – in the case for tablets. However, they say that ebooks like Kindle series and the Nook can last to 6 weeks after charging. Normally, ebook readers lasts for 4 weeks at most without charging. But you know what’s awesome? Papers and books doesn’t need charging at all!
  2. Papers doesn’t hurt the eyes. Stare at the screen long enough and your eyes will dry up and strain, but for books – with the right and proper lights to support it – won’t strain your eyes. Depends on the quality of print and font, your eyes won’t be straining that much even with the long duration of reading. The blue lights from the lit screen will take its toll sooner or later compared to reading books. Besides, it’s better to focus at something that doesn’t glare back at your eyes.
  3. Papers feel more comfortable. You just don’t read the text, you feel them too – that’s what most people believe whenever they crack open old or new books. But ideally, scanning research books is better – you don’t have to accidentally zoom in some random words when you run a finger on some parts of the text. The feel of the paper under the skin is also something a lot of people enjoy too.
  4. Papers let you go back to some points and pages with ease. Especially for students and researchers who needs to go back every now and then, scanning back will be easier for most people. You don’t have to suffer the wrath of delays and accidentally double tapping a page and removing the highlight and bookmarked pages before – those are the worst. You can go back and forth whenever you want and review the items you need at your own comfort.
  5. Papers last longer and are reliable. You have your father’s books since the 70’s, what about the ebooks you downloaded in 2010? Either they got corrupted or accidentally deleted. It’s hard to misplace a thick book anywhere, meaning it’s easier to find and go back to. Plus, a book holds more memories than ebook, unless you have more gigabytes there – pun intended.
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