Smart Printing in an Age of Smart Technology

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There is no denying that print is facing a bit of uneasy decline. An IBISWorld Industry Report stated that the annual growth rate of Australia’s printing industry has gone down to -1.3% over the last five years. The cause are the usual suspects: Internet, digital distribution, smartphone apps etc.

When your marketing team utilizes these channels, the cost is now less focused on distribution and more concentrated on design and its prerequisite tools.

In contrast, printing materials are costlier, both in terms of tools, materials required, as well distribution channels. The greater expense alone has driven down demand.

Despite that, however, the question of whether or not to use print is still very significant for your marketing efforts. Spamming flyers and posters may no longer be a viable marketing strategy but that doesn’t mean print is entirely useless.

On the contrary, getting the most value out of your print materials will increase your brand’s exposure and improve your chances in making sales. The misconception lies in how you interpret the cost of print.

The key isn’t to simply manage or reduce the cost of materials. The key is to be smart with your printing just as you have been smart with your digital marketing efforts. For your business, the decline of print can arguably make it even more advantageous to use if you simply know how! Here are just three suggestions to get you started.
  • Integrate with digital marketing.
A popular example of this is the use of QR codes in posters and other paraphernalia. One of the limitations of a purely digital marketing strategy is that it is too quick to forsake other possible ways to garner brand attention. That’s why many would prefer a mixed bag where both physical and digital materials are integrated into each other.

It not only ensures an additional stream of clicks and engagement, but it also a more holistic reflection of the buyer’s journey. They may be spending a great deal of time on their phones or on computers, but suppose they take a minute to look up. That one moment could make a difference between a new customer or a lost brand opportunity.
  • Add value to your proposition.
Print materials can also serve as agents to increase the overall value proposition of your offer. Imagine your business deals in services promoted on your website and social media. On your page, you announce that you will have a booth in an upcoming event and you will be distributing special coupons to exclusive service packages redeemable on your site.

As you can see, the use of print is a clever way to increase your value proposition by weaving it seamlessly into a larger marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be a large-scale printing project but one where the most practical applications of your materials can be used in ingenious ways.
  • Use the limitation of print to create urgency.
Speaking of exclusivity, that is also another way you can use the limitations of print marketing into a distinct advantage. If you can only afford a very brief printing run, then use it to create a batch of special materials that your customers might like.

For instance, say you are in the business of coaching via webinars. You offer to send a free copy of a nice, companion book for the first ten or so attendees. On your end, you end up paying only a one-time cost for the batch. While on your customers’ end, they get more value for their money compared to if they signed up later. It is a win-win situation and it creates the sort of urgency that can drive up sales.

Today’s great marketing strategies aren’t about whether or not print is dead or you should stop spending on it altogether. It is about how well you can use it. The problem is that most people haven’t really touched upon the creative possibilities they can have by integrating print. It can be a smart way to use technology in of itself!
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