Establishing Your Brand through a Crafty Logo

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While carefully strategizing what kind of product you should sell, you have also considered a lot of marketing strategies as well. It has been going smoothly until you’ve hit a stump and made you think if the logo or name is enough. In marketing, a lot are considered – proper advertisement, catchy name and slogan, and proper interior that goes well with your theme. In other words, marketing is as important as the existence of your unique product. You may be sitting there asking what are the categories of good marketing or how can it be achieved, but no worries, you can achieve it in a few steps. It might be ideal if you seek professional help as well but if you prefer to do hands on for your product development – you can follow these handy tips listed below:
  • Double Entendre. There are a lot of pretty logos out there, but people notice yours more if it has been crafted to be creative and unique. Double Entendre basically merges two pictures in one smart interpretation of your brand. By combining two things together, you somewhat create a smart image for your brand and make it unforgettable for people. Besides, most people remember the brand more if it made them smile a little or go ‘ohhh’ from realizing what it really stands for.
  • Colour. Your colour selection affects the logo and branding that might actually become a game changer for you. There’s always a perfect balance of colours to create a good logo for your company or business. Not only the fact that colours look pretty when you stare at it, it actually creates a different meaning when you incorporate it with your logo. Clashing colours like neon colours in one logo could make the customers cringe and actually think if you are capable enough in making your own product. But to be safe, consult a professional and see what they can suggest for your brand.
  • Be unique. A logo that was ripped off from another brand will probably receive more backlash than praises. It also mistakes your logo from the original logo you copied it from – and people will probably know your brand as a rip-off. Never copy a logo in its entirety – perhaps use it as inspiration to make your own. Take a good look at your product and think of ways on how you can represent it and carve inspiration from it. Maybe even consult someone about it and sum it up to a unique logo.
  • Own it. You want your brand to be recognizable and famous, so choose a logo that is close to you and will be definitely hard to forget as well. Like a lot of famous brands, they created a special kind of logo that people unintentionally incorporate it with their daily lives. When they see a specific logo, they immediately remember the brand and unconsciously market it as well. Being extra creative with your logo, or making it personalized, pays a lot as it earns you more recognition than you expected.
  • Simplicity. So how do you make it unique and simple? It is a challenge, but your hours of research and conceptualization will pay off once you see it in its final stage. Making a simple logo doesn’t make it boring and dull – it actually creates a smart and sophisticated aura that defines what kind of quality you offer. Understanding that simplicity gets you far, there are rules you can keep in mind when you design it – like symmetry and proportion. Doesn’t it annoy you when you look at weirdly shaped logos out there?
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