New Year, New Look: Embellishments for Your Marketing Collaterals

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Just in time for the new year, RN Printing is introducing a new printing technology that will let you digitally embellish your marketing collaterals. Give your business cards, brochures, catalogues, and other printed materials a new look this year with our brand new finishes.

Cutting Edge Printing Technology

RN Printing uses the cutting edge MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution, a state of the art printing system that uses a unique range of techniques like spot varnish, digitally embossed foiling and raised 3D varnish.

It can be applied on the following printed collaterals:

  • Business cards
  • Product packaging
  • Presentation folders
  • Posters

What this Means for You

Cost effective

In the past it took an expensive and exhaustive process to create high quality embellished prints. With the MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution, we can produce foil, spot UV and raised UV straight from a digital file. This means we can offer you an exciting range of print services in a more cost effective way.

Efficient and More Precise

Beforethe MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution, producing a mockup with digital embellishments involved dies, screens and costly setups just to see if a design was feasible. But now you can make trial runs in real time. No more costly mistakes caused by second guessing. Make quick edits to your design and create the concept of your dreams.

Bring your vision to life

With our sophisticated technology, you can now add extra gloss, extra shine, extra definition and an extra tactile experience to your prints. Wow your audience with eye-catching printed collaterals that combine digitally embellished images, text and other design elements.

Here are some of the exciting ways that you can upgrade the look of your marketing collaterals this year:

Tactile experience

Why settle for just visually pleasing prints when you can go for a full-blown sensory experience? That’s right, your marketing materials can be interactive and thus more unforgettable with digitally printed embellishments. Encourage your audience to touch and feel the unique texture of varnish or foil on your catalogue.

Eye-catching shine

Our new finishes are extra glossy and extra attention-grabbing. Best of all, they are easy to incorporate into existing art and design elements. Apply 2D or 3D Super Gloss UV and transform your prints from ho-hum marketing materials to eye-catching brand icons.

Dazzling colors

Make your posters, catalogues and business cards more dramatic and elegant with foil.

Our foil work is now available in more colours like gold, rose gold, red and silver. Plus our new technology significantly improves precision so even the tiniest selected areas can have an extra oomph.

When you engage your customers through interactive marketing collateral you initiate better brand recognition and open the opportunity for repeat business.

Your printed collaterals represent you and your business so why not go the extra mile to make them more eye-catching and unforgettable?

We at RN Printing are constantly innovating our products and services so we can offer you the best solution to your every printing need. Our digitally embellished prints will certainly upgrade the way you do marketing. Contact us for more information about our latest offering.

At RN Printing, we understand that everything we do for you showcases your brand with Complete Printing Solutions. Seeking always to give you a favorable outcome for your marketing campaign! Our high values is a priority to us, ensuring we reach excellence, maintaining quality and super service. Our specialty partners allows us to provide the best value and prices across national leading suppliers and specialist printers. Thus saving you considerable time by coordinating multiple requirements across all forms of print. From business cards to event signage, promotional items, Annual report, light boxes, stickers and much much more…

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