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Why Wedding Invitations Are Important

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Wedding invitations are not only a great way to scream to everyone that you’re getting married, but it’s also a great way to tell everyone what to expect during your wedding. While some would simply rely on the word of mouth, emails, and chats, it’s still better to send them a heartfelt invitation to make it official and proper. Besides, some guests are sentimental and would definitely keep your invitation as a souvenir.

Invitations set some kind of formality between the engaged couple and their guests. By personally extending a written or printed invitation, you wholeheartedly want them to be a part of your ceremony and witness you and your partner become one.

Besides, it’s also priceless to see these people react about your invitation – it’s a pleasant surprise through and through. Aside from being formal, there are different reasons why you should definitely hand out invitations to your guests:

  • Revealing the theme. While the wedding theme doesn’t usually stay hidden, it’s still a great way to inform your guests about the theme and feel of the wedding. Your invitation says it all – it will give your guests an idea about the colours they need to wear, what kind of venue it will be, and all the cliche quotes you can add in between pages. Through the presentation of the card, your guests will be able to know what to expect and how they should look like on your wedding day.

  • Important information. Do they have a special role to do during your wedding? It’s only important that they should know who will be there and what role they are expected to do. Aside from the names of the engaged couple, you can also include the names of your parents, bridesmaids, godparents, and the like. You can also add here the venue, time, and special rules if you have any. There are some couples who want to tell their guests to keep their phones in their purses and pockets to avoid weird photographs of their neon pink phones and hands in the way.

  • Programme. A lot of weddings have some fun entertainment, shows, music, and more. They always have something new to add in the mix, and you can also add your special game, dance, or speech. It’s important to let the guests know when the event starts and what time it will finish – or at least when dinner will be served, no one wants to sit there hungry. But aside from that, it’s important that they know the programme flow if ever they have a part in one of those speeches or dances. It will give them more time to prepare and less time to be awkward on stage.

  • Reservations. Some wedding receptions are not buffet style, some are served per dishes. If you’re not serving a buffet for your guests and only hope to give them dishes per head, then it’s important for you to ask your guests to fill up the reservations card to secure a number of chairs for them and their companion. You can also include a specific date before the wedding to make sure that they hand it over before the actual event.

  • Dress codes. Do you have a specific style or colours in mind? Does the venue have a special terrain that you need to inform your guests beforehand? It could be a beach wedding or a forest wedding with grassy grounds – meaning it will be hard for your female guests to walk around using heels. If you want a specific colour worn by guests, then you should specify the colours and the styles you have in mind. It will make your photos look prettier and more elegant if all guests wore a specific style and colour.

  • Gifts. You can include the website for the gift registry you have for your wedding inside, or maybe just ask them to hand you over cash (believe it or not, some couples and guests prefer this) and put it inside. You can slip in a note and tell them what gifts you have in mind to let them know beforehand.
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