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Ideal Fonts for Your Business Cards

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The business card is an extension of yourself, it provides input and creates a first impression of you from clients and customers. Depending on your kind of business, the entire design from the shape of your desired business card is important. It will show them how professional you are and what kind of business you offer. The material counts as well – it has to both reflect the kind of business you offer and your creativity as well.

From the printing finish, colours, and photographs, each component should only exist to complement each other. While it may sound easy, designing the entirety of the card might be challenging to do – you need to refine your knowledge about your business and how to convey it in the card. But first of all, you need to know what font you need to use for your card.

The Fonts that Represents You

There are different kinds of font nowadays that you can use for almost anything at all. There are specific artisans who makes fonts for free or puts them up for sale – and they are uniquely made to create a character depending on what kind of text you want to show. If you own a restaurant, a beauty company, or a bank, there are appropriate fonts you need to keep in mind before you make that design.

Business cards that takes care of real estate, law services, and more usually go for traditional fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica. You have to keep in mind of the readability of the text and what the text says – so going for a taller, bolder, thicker font might make a change. While these traditional fonts would work in 2004, these minimalist fonts might effectively symbolise your brand without too much effort.

What Fonts would Work Well for Business Cards
  • Gotu. Interesting design and fun, this font has a modern touch on a classic style. It can be used both as a body or header text, since it’s easy on the eyes and readable on first glance. It’s one of the most elegant looking fonts – it emits both professionalism and character at the same time.
  • Helvetica. It has been there for ages, and it has never failed to satisfy both professional and personal designs for various reasons. It may be simple, but it never shows being boring – in fact, it shows being posh and classy in everything. Most expensive menus and some movie titles like this font specifically.
  • Fox Trot. This new and contemporary font design is beautiful and classy, perfect for posh services like flower shops, weddings, and more. Since it has a dainty design, this classic and sophisticated design emphasizes how posh your services are and how magical your company and services are.
  • Myriad Pro. A go-to font for most professional projects and of course, business cards. This kind of font adds flair and character in your card – make it look both attractive and simple at the same time. It has then been used by most designers online for their creative pursuits and is always a favourite because of its clean look.
  • Futura. Contradictory to its name, this font has been around for ages and has then been used in any formal documents and files. Futura is a classic go-to by most designers due to its subtle yet artistic design. It may be simple and clean, but it actually has a way to impose professionalism and confidence.
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