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The Font Matters, Here’s Why

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Even before when print was invented, font style was taken into consideration and has been that way since. The purpose of researching the font thoroughly is not only for the style or for the entirety of the look, but also the comfort when you read the entire message. For marketing matters and such, this is actually important since you would want your message to cross clear and whole.

The Power of Font

It may be just your small scale blog or something bigger like an advertisement for your business, font plays a big part. It shows off your professionalism and shows how creative your brand is. Aside from visibility, it also shows the thought and feelings you want your customers or clients to feel while reading your text. Have you ever felt sentimental when a letter is written in cursive? The font has a lot of emotions in it self.

If you’re also wondering why you don’t have that much readers or traffic, maybe review your content and font choice – if the content is good but the font isn’t, it’s one of the reasons why your possible readers are steering away from your site. Font is also one of the reasons why customers are willing to read instead of pestering you with questions.

There has been a reason as to why different fonts have different purposes – fonts with ‘tails’, according to New York Times’ Errol Morris, gives the text more credibility and imbues professionalism whenever you see it. It’s usually used in formal research papers such as thesis and scientific research that are posted online or printed on paper. As for fonts like Baskerville, it shows a timeless and classic look that you would like to see in a classic novel. It adds sophistication and elegance when in print – especially in novels.

The Change it Makes to Your Message

The power of font is beyond you can imagine – just think of any news at all, printed and sold in the streets, and the font is comic sans – it will throw the crowd off and believe it’s a prank. Fonts like the serif series are better off used in professional academic researches and news in order to show reliability. Why sans? It has been then easily recognisable and has been the go to of most students, researchers, and news company to use this to retain professionalism and academic integrity.

There are different kinds of fonts you need to think of depending on the length – if you choose a complex font for long paragraphs, expect people to skim through it and just go to the juicy bit. Or maybe just overall ignore it and look for more stories they can easily read.

Colours also affect the overall look – yellow font and vibrant red background would easily discourage any readers from reading further. Always keep in mind that the text should be dark and the background should be lighter or the other way around, as long as they don’t overshadow each other.

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