Make Your Calendars Interesting for Your Clients

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Calendars have been around for years and has been an office staple since its invention. It used to be slabs of stones into pieces of paper you can easily find in every bookstore or shops. Nowadays, calendars are digital for most offices and homes – more or less to save space or to save money as well. It can be found on your phone, computer, and even smart watches whenever you’re on the go.

Why the old fashioned calendars are still a thing

However, most businessmen prefer to keep a planner or calendar on their desks to schedule their appointments and jot down things on it to remember them later. Aside from that, they believe it’s easier to manage if they themselves rip the pages after the month’s passed to make sure nothing gets lost or forgotten after days have passed. If you’re looking for a way to make your calendars extra interesting for your clients and employees, then here are tips you can take note of when designing the calendar for them:

  • Choosing a theme. If you are a travel or booking company, you can highlight great scenery from around the globe or inspirational stories of nomads. This can also work too in a business setting – showing rags to riches stories of businessmen and Hollywood stars are appreciated. If you are more like a cleaning company, maybe you can add in some cleaning tips and hacks to help your clients do some simple cleaning. A theme can go a long way – some might even keep it for years so they can use it for reference.
  • Special promos and highlights. This is your chance to increase the traffic in your store and maybe even earn new loyal customers. You can print out special coupons on the calendar itself and they can only present that coupon on that specific day or week. You can also highlight specific dates when you schedule sales or discounts in your stores. Maybe on your company’s anniversary, you can give out samples and freebies to loyal customers on that day – highlighted in the calendar. It will make your customers think of you and remind them to drop by your establishment.
  • Promote your items subtly. During December to January, the weather can be extremely hot for your customers – so if you’re a cosmetics company, you can take advantage of this by showing your products that are related to summer. It can be new colours of lipsticks, waterproof foundation, or facial mist, these will capture their attention as they actually need it for the entire cycle. Don’t just blatantly throw it on their face, you can put it in a conversational way that they can relate to and convince them more to get it.
  • Deciding the design and kind of calendar you want. Is it a wall calendar? Desk calendar? Or a small calendar card? Depending on your target audience, you should make a calendar that’s suited for their needs. Like if you’re targeting housewives, you can design a wall calendar for them to easily rip off the months passed. It’s easier for them to keep track of the days since these calendars are usually hanged in the kitchen. It all boils down to what kind of people you usually cater to.
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