Four Keys to Successful Cost-Effective Signages

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How do you determine the value of a signage? Is it the amount of money spent on its construction? The effectiveness of its design? Or is it just all about the location?

There are plenty of examples where one area has had more investment than the other but they all had a good deal of success. An expensive signage with digital and interactive elements built in does wonders for customer engagement. The same goes for a signage that was made with the best talent, with all the subtle cues that attracted the attention of the wandering eye. Lastly, you also just have signs that are simple but they capitalize on a very strategic location of the store.

And yet, all these examples sound rather cost-intensive. Not every business has an advertising budget that allows the heavy use of technology. Same goes for talent and the advantage afforded by a location. What cost-effective steps can S&MB marketers take to achieve similar success with their own signages?

The answer lies deeper beyond costs, design and location. It lies in four keys and if your signages make the most of these four areas, they are just as likely to bring in more business.

  1. Mobility
Signage on a movable post or within an A-frame can be surprisingly effective when paired with good design. When you don’t have the advantages of location, you can still take a sign somewhere to help direct traffic into your business.

Alternatively, they can be used during trade shows and conventions in a similar way. Try making some eye-catching designs while also preserving the print with finishes like lamination or varnishing. There is still a lot of potential when you have a durable sign that you can move over to the right location.

  1. Subtle Spread
What do word-of-mouth marketing and magnetic vehicle stickers have in common? Subtlety. They both capitalize on the organic spread of your brand by people who recognize the value your business provides.

The effectiveness lies not in a large sign but in one that more recognized as more and more people refer to your business.

It might require you to have a very strong understanding of your target market and have a good, top-of-mind design, but having just one go-to sign goes well with the subtle spread of your brand’s reputation.

  1. Endurance
While it is true that markets change and demand shifts with the seasons, you don’t necessarily need to produce new signage each time. The key is to know exactly how many changes do you go through over a period of time and what value you get when you still use your current materials.

For example, it’s the year 2018 and we’re all once again the in midst of World Cup fever. Do people still remember the signs your business used to commemorate the occasion? Were they memorable enough in the minds of your customers long after you put them away?

If the answer is yes, then there’s no need to produce new ones. But even if the answer is no, the four year gap is still good enough reason to create signs that finally will stick (or at least stick long enough).

  1. Tech-savvy Call-to-Action
Here’s the tricky part: the tech-savvy bit doesn’t have to be in an expensive, electronic signage. It can be something like a customer using a smartphone to interact with the digital channels to your business with the signage as the starting point.

For example, you could have just a handful of signs with QR codes on them but place them in areas where customers can take a quick snapshot. You can also just put your business’s website on top of the clever advertisement that is on the signage. Either way, the only costs come mainly from the design of the signage and that of the website itself. It is still tech-savvy but with less of the associated costs!

It may seem like clever design can create a lot of branding power even just a wooden board but that is not all there is. The design itself uses other factors and subtle tricks to present your business’s image to its intended audience. Don’t despair if you think you can’t get much from signage with your small marketing budget. These same factors can have you accomplish more than you realize!
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