Fabric Printing – the Future of Fashion

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With all the vibrant colours and the unique designs of fashion these days, it’s no surprise that the supply can’t compete with the demand. You might think that hand-woven textiles is better, which it is, but not exactly a good idea. It will take more time and sometimes can be expensive since it takes labour and usually, it’s not perfect.

However, the traditional art of weaving is indeed what fashion demand, but it cannot be catered to the people. Plus, more can be done when it’s printed and is quite cheaper than handmade fabrics. For budding businessmen who want to start their own clothesline, printing the designs on the fabric instead of hiring people to weave it is more ideal.

Since it’s a cheaper alternative to weaving and painting, it feels exciting to explore new designs and ideas to create. But before that, you must bear these in mind:

Research. Cheaper and faster, is there anything else you should know? Yes, knowing if it will be beneficial in the long run. Knowing what is needed and what kind of machine is ideal for this kind of project is amongst it – you can’t get a machine that’s not meant to perform tasks you have at hand.

Extensive research about the ink and the maintenance of the machines is also what you need to know. Is it feasible for your budget and business? Can you support it? Knowing what kind of wash or steam the fabrics’ print can withstand is a part of the entire research. May it just be for shirts or for a high grade silk material, it’s important to know things around it.

Opportunities. So how will your business evolve in fabric printing? Before you dive in for this obviously smart idea, you should know what to expect and the needed combinations to make it desirable to people. Aside from it, you can go ahead and create a need for people and turn them into your customer. Create a new form of branding that will make you unforgettable and desirable to possible clients.

Creating designs through print could be the next big thing or your ruin – learning how to market them properly will help you be stable for a long while. Basically, create a problem or a demand from the people and cater to that with necessary solution which is your product.

Planning. Making the demand seems easy, but making your place in the market is hard. This is the stage of knowing what to expect and what you need to do to make your business soar. This includes proper knowledge on your kind of theme – punk, hipster, or high fashion – all depends on what kind of designs you have prepared. You also identify who your target audience is and learn what they would like to see and most likely wear.

You can also make designs that fits your personality and the theme of your shop – make it something people will remember you by. Because if you choose a unique name or design, it will be bound to become more popular and more people will be interested about it.

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