Making Waves as a New Artist through Your Own Merchandise

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You have made it big in social media sites and aimed to please your fans around the globe. They like your art and everything you do – sent you love letters about how delicate your strokes are and how unique your choice of colour palettes you liked using. You might even start making other things – like songs and poetry, and your fans even like it more! You feel touched and happy in every ping of compliments from them and can’t wait to give back your love to them.

But how do you prove to them that you do indeed receive their love and dearly appreciate it? Maybe it’s time to earn a couple of bucks from your talent and support you get from your fans. Or more, maybe start fun competitions and events you can give out free items to them in order for them to appreciate you more and knowing you do care.

Choosing what merch to go with. Depending on your fans’ age group, you can decide on what kind of items you should go for. Ideally, you should only choose the best printing service to partner up with to give your artwork justice it deserves. You can also ask them for professional advice that could help you soar up the ranks and please more fans.

Common merchandise most digital artist go for are keychains and stickers since they’re versatile and ideal for all ages. When it comes to design, you should go for that’s near your kind of palette and art style.

Research. Through research, you will be able to understand what kind of merch is suitable for the fans and how you can achieve the kind of fame you’re aiming for. You can get creative and take risks but it’s better to invest more on something that would surely sell. Aside from the design and the kind of artwork you should use, you should also make a thorough investigation as to how other artists price their items and how much you should spend for your items.

You should also keep an eye out for affordable but great printing services to save a couple of bucks and enjoy the results as well. But don’t expect it to be dirt cheap – quality comes with a price.

Budget. Dedicate a specific amount you want to dedicate for your merchandise production and make sure you can handle the costs without problem. The thing about budding new artists is that they can get overly confident and create more merchandise that are not sellable. There will be more stocks that are untouched than actual sales, and that’s not something you want to go through.

Ideally, making a small amount of each is the way to go – a small experiment to test the waters if your product will be desirable. You can even make a poll and ask your fans what they expect from you and what kind of merchandise they are willing to buy. Overall, it is better if you know what you need to deal with before starting this business.
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