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Why Print Catalogues Will Never Die

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Back in the 90’s, catalogues were the best way to advertise new items that stores had recently acquired. It has then became a must have to all mums and dads in the past – going through the trouble of subscribing to a specific store of choice and has then inspired people to shop over the years. However, due to the breakthrough of the internet and social media, the amount of catalogues printed declined. More and more businesses are interested in digital and online marketing strategies rather than sticking to print.

The catalogues may have lay low for a few years, but never left the market. It’s actually going back with a bang in this current day and age and has been a mode of marketing for most companies. While some still prefer the online method to cut costs, the catalogue has since then reaped good sales to companies who stuck with it.

Here are the reasons why it will never die:

  • Still an effective mode of marketing. Catalogues may be old fashioned, but it is actually still effective for most people. A survey conducted by Kurt Salmon states that at most 86% of the women between ages 18 to 20 bought items after they saw it in a catalogue. As compared to online shopping, catalogues actually made the item more desirable – if you have a good printing service hired – compared to the bright screen of your digital gadgets. It’s a startling discovery since most people think catalogues are dead.

  • Rise in sales. Catalogues actually make use of all your resources. Not everyone is blessed with a high performing internet service, meaning there are some people who can’t get access to your online webpage. The catalogue provides other choices they can order their item or maybe reserve it if most people are on the go. They can call up the call centre service to have them handle it or maybe go to the store and buy it there. A lot of people, especially women, still do this and it actually helped boost the sales greatly.

  • More effective screening. What’s good about catalogues are the fact that they provide a thorough feedback what are sellable and who should receive catalogues. There are other companies who would send their newest catalogues to. They check out past customers who have purchased their specific wares and how often they do it then they send in catalogues. Blindly sending newsletters and such online is actually a waste of time and effort – imagine a 13 year old girl receiving crockery set deals, a waste of time!

  • Effective branding. The catalogue actually increases the popularity of your brand, plus it makes it more reliable and professional. It also discourages the scan for other brands and companies since they can only check the catalogue they have in their hands at the moment. What makes the catalogue more powerful and accurate is the fact that people rarely open a catalogue just to browse – they actually buy something. With a lot of online scams and hooplas that are spread in news, people are more confident to browse the catalogue and have the items they like reserved.
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