Networking is alive and so is the need for Business Cards

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As Covid-19 is more controlled nowadays and networking is also getting back to normal, we are starting to reincorporate the usual business materials such as business cards. Business cards have been around since the late 19th century, and has been a common trend even today. However, the use of business cards declined because of online counterparts and social media that doesn’t cost businesses anything. Business cards have always been a symbol of professionalism as well as a good way to present yourself to new clients and company meetings.

Why Should You Go Back to Using Business Cards?

Business cards are the best way to introduce yourself without being smug, as well as being professional. It shows that you are serious about your job and you want to connect with them through services you offer. Through business cards, you will be able to present it with a smile and explain what you do for a living and how you can help them. A business card can make a relationship between you and your future client more intimate and sturdy.

Digital contacts or exchanging numbers can be flimsy – they might accidentally delete your contact or maybe forget about you and lost you in their long list of contacts. While it is indeed more ideal in terms of budget, it makes you easy to forget as well. It’s as the same as sending emails or perhaps posting your credentials online – it will be buried over time and will be forgotten by clients you could have connected with.

Traditional and Professional

Clients like to list down things you tell them, especially if they’re things you can do specifically for them just to meet a common ground. They also like to keep your cards where they can easily access it – their wallet or maybe a special business card case – and it’s harder to lose them when they are kept in one place.

It’s also more memorable when you actually met, talked, and exchanged business cards with your clients. They will remember you easily and will actually think to call you first than the other people they have exchanged contacts digitally. You can also pitch in ideas and small talk with them to make rapport that would surely help you secure a deal with them. The basic thought of a business card would make it more reliable and easy to go back to.

Giving out calling cards is better when your target client is on a rush – they won’t have to decline you when you can just hand out your card easily. They can call you when they are more free and available to make business with you – and rest easy, they will if they definitely need your services at the moment and they happen to see your card first.

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