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Establishing an Industry Magazine

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Magazines are archivists of time. They keep relevant records of happenings per month or annum. From the glorious achievements of men to universal discoveries, magazines have been successful in preserving information with style. Different magazines have different focus of course, and it’s nearly impossible to keep track on all of them.

But here’s a useful question: how does one start up a magazine?

Like any other businesses, you have to start small. You also have to:

1. Choose a specific niche

There are many subjects that buy people’s interest. The most important subjects are the one closest to your heart. It is best to pick a subject that is already your passion for longevity of the business.

2. Make the difference

Odds are you may not be the first one to have chosen such subject. It’s important to research and survey existing businesses in your area. Getting to know established competitions is the first step in developing an edge. In the world where almost everything is a copy of a copy, novelty will draw the audience to subscribing on your magazine.

3. Choose an audience

Once you got your topic up, the next step is to choose your market. Pleasing almost everyone will sacrifice the integrity of the magazine. Having a specific audience in focus will guide you towards the best contents and goal of the magazine.

4. Create the content

Content is everything. In today’s marketing, it’s not just about how a magazine looks but also what it contains. Presentation and relevance of the content is very important. Thus, your beautiful and raw ideas need to be guided by a consulting firm that has a lot of experience in the industry to mix the ideal with practicality.

5. Prepare for print

The best part of the process is getting tangible proof of your hard work. It is best to pair up with a printer that has the experience and commitment. Choose the printer that can get you the best of what you want. Creativity is one thing, but timeliness is another. RN Printing, for example, is ever-determined in getting you the best options for your design while delivering it on time.

6. Plan the business

What is a magazine without its source of funding? Creating a foolproof plan that highlights the vision is the next step to establish your magazine in the industry. Be creative! Don’t hesitate to embellish a bit of spectacle to woo investors in. A good business plan is every business’s’ foundation. Don’t go easy.

7. Gather the team

Start-up businesses begin operations with a few freelancers to save cost. Keep in mind that a magazine is divided in two: the creative side and the business side. Rule of thumb dictates that you must choose the pioneer members of your teams because they are ones who will be working to get your name in the industry. Choose a leader who already has experience in the industry. An experienced leader will help keep the team motivated and anchored towards the vision and mission of the magazine.

8. Go Online

The digital age has become tougher in terms of competition. The web is a go-to place for businesses to market and extend their reach. Establish your magazine’s website and social media – make it accessible to people. Have someone or a team who can utilize its full potential. To experts, the web is all they need to lure in possible markets.

9. Distribute

Begin with a limited print run. Strategic data collection and analysis will help you pinpoint readers with a high possibility of subscription. When giving is receiving, don’t shy away an issue or two to potential subscribers for free.

…and above all, patience and grit is required in establishing a magazine. Alexander Arkenheim once wrote “Hours’ll pass and winters and springs. What time unveiled, time will wait and will be patient. Great pieces take time but move all sentient.”

Good luck!

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