What Causes One to Rediscover and Change the Course?

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Life is a Journey with many setbacks, crossroads and challenges. We develop our principles from the many teachers in and around our lives, schools, homes and even some peers. Our hearts and minds develop patterns and mindsets that govern the courses we take. We have these beliefs, expectations / ideals that challenges us on the way.

We apply for further education and move into the work force to find we may have arrived, here / created to find our purposes in life. A common question to a Child, What are you going to do when you grow up? An interesting observation that so many have gone through life pushing themselves to places beyond what they expected they could even imagine they would reach. Working crazy hours to find that they eventually look at themselves in the mirror later on in life, with the big question, but why?

Why are we here RIGHT NOW?

Have you thought what were you born to do and be. Aspirations and Dreams to fulfil this or that, having these ideals that we will get here one day. Where is here? What is the fulfillment of ones heart.

Many changing the Course on Purpose to find what is MOST IMPORTANT. Getting to that place in life of maybe regret, neglecting family and love ones and maybe even themselves. While many of us needing a crises to waken us to that desperate place for CHANGE. An empty pursuit of not making a DIFFERENCE in Lives. It is something I do see all around me, people engaged in Community determined to make a bigger difference and not live in regret, with fulfillment, keeping a Balance with key Priorities.

So what causes one to REDISCOVER? Could it be that we have grown up and counted the cost of some loss and regret, or could it be that we have found the Reason for Living and why we are here to make an impact in peoples lives. I certainly did not think I would be doing what I am doing today, Owning a Printing Company and assisting people build success with there Business and Organisation.

So whatever you are called and decide to do, remember to keep The Main thing the Main Thing and never be at the Mercy of WHAT MATTERS LEAST!

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