The Different Wedding Invitation Printing Techniques

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Weddings are special events that in most cases, happens only once to a couple. They are the ceremonies that bind two people together for a lifetime and only death could severe their ties, or so it goes. The unity of two individuals is truly a spectacle to behold, no matter the circumstance.

Due to how special this moment is, a lot of couples plan everything out (either by themselves or with the help of a wedding coordinator), from what the gown and tux will be, down to the motif. Since it’s a special occasion, it’s normal to have guests, which are informed via wedding invitations. Speaking of which, there are numerous types of wedding invitation printing techniques available, and knowing which one matches the wedding the most will help make it more elegant.

Foil Stamping

For couples who are looking to have more flamboyant flavour to their invitations, foil stamping is definitely for them. Foil stamps are generally applied with the help of a metal plate that presses down the foil into the paper, along with an adhesive agent. When the whole process is done, the result is a wedding invitation that reflects light back in a fashion that ink doesn’t, giving it that different kind of sparkle.


Engraving used to be the default printing method for weddings, before digital press became a thing. With this printing technique, the printer makes a metal plate where the ink will settle, after which will be pressed onto the paper. The mixture of heavy ink and the metal plate pressing unto the paper creates a result wherein the letters slightly bulge out, making them look like they’re jumping out of the paper.

Laser Cut

Moving on to one of the more “state-of-the-art,” and innovative wedding invitation printing techniques, the laser cut will definitely leave that “WOW” impression. The process requires no ink, but instead uses laser cutting methods to intricately make the design and words come to life. It yields a result that looks similar to lace, and since it’s quite an uncommon technique used in wedding invitations, it’ll definitely leave those who receive them stunned in amazement.

Digital Printing

With the invention of computers, digital printing quickly became the most common, efficient, and easiest printing technique. Having a digital printer do the work for the wedding invitations is very practical, simply because it’s quick, seamless, and cost-effective. The results they provide come with a wide variety of rich colours. It’s also possible to upgrade from a number of special papers that are digital-ink friendly, giving people better chances to really get what they truly want and need.

Right before couples exchange vows and say “I Do,” it’s vital that they have a well-made wedding invitation. Having some knowledge about the different wedding invitation printing techniques will aid them to make better decisions that’ll end up with better results. The next step is to simply pick a reliable printing provider that’s passionate about giving their clients the best outcomes for their prints.
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