How Printing Benefits the Educational Sector

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In this day and age, it’s no wonder people have saved time and effort a lot – it’s because of technology. Technology has indeed made lives easier and has created both positive and negative changes. While it’s hard to discern if it’s indeed good or evil, it’s hard to denounce the fact that it made lives easier. Imagine ebooks for law students who had to carry heavy hardbound books to school and back.

But what about education? Some schools have taken the advanced route wherein they invest in tablets and computers. While this is all dandy and indeed more relatable in the future, no school should fully disregard print. It’s oldschool but printing in all forms actually helps kids more than you know. Here are the reasons why you should never disregard printing in the otherwise modern classroom:

  • Boosts morale. There’s something about a printed copy of their aced test paper or homework that makes kids feel more confident about themselves. It’s also a chance for parents to brag about their kids as well – posting their perfect scores and such on their office walls or the fridge. It actually has a nice effect on children since it makes them work harder to see more of their achievements displayed.
  • Hard copies to send out to parents. Honestly, who reads emails when they’re all drowned in a lot of spam and promotional emails? The best thing to do to inform parents about their children’s activities and plans is to send out hard copies wherein they can check it beforehand and even sign or prepare the necessary items. It’s also better since there’s a lesser chance to forget about it or overlook it under a pile of other mails. It can be in form of a newsletter or a slip in order to notify parents – it’s also more professional this way as well.
  • Textbooks cause less damage. While it’s true that too much reading can damage the eyes, it’s better to rely on the books instead of what they call ebooks. The blue light emitting from the tablet or ebook will cause much damage in the future that your children will have to wear thick glasses as well. As for those schools who prefer to use tablets, it actually distracts them from the task at hand. That’s why printed copies are still preferred over the digital versions.
  • School paper. Aside from the memories they’ll make, school paper is actually a good way to start their professionalism at an early age. They will have to interview, schedule publications, and take respectful photographs to publish – something that they will appreciate in the future. Like what was stated, seeing a hard copy of their hard work makes them feel more accomplished and confident about themselves. It’s also a way to be creative as well – they will have to layout the paper and have to think about how it will look like on the real paper.
  • Yearbooks. Yearbooks are something that students hold on to when they graduate, and of course it has to be in paper! While it’s true that paper gets yellowish and rot in the long run, it’s actually better than sending it to them in PDF form. That’s not how it works – each page of the yearbook is magical. They bring back memories and will continue to do so for the next generation.
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