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Does your Business Cards Stand out!

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So easy to get into mindset of cutting corners, saying to oneself, does it really matter! One thing is for sure you may not gain someone’s attention by a good card but you certainly will not with a poor one. It astounds me how many out there have an incredible product and service who leave themselves short by there image.

Some key things to keep in mind.

1. Does it stand out? ( not same as)

2. Is it a reflection of you / your brand? ( colours and values)

3. Will there be a chance someone will remember you by it? ( does it let people know who you are)

4. Is it simple and clear? ( not overloaded with info)

5. Does it have style and look that will last with time?

What now ? Be honest and revisit it. Stay in fashion and don’t allow the initial contact to become a downfall in your business growth as this can certainly reflect your business image.

When you give your cards out at a network gathering is there a chance you will be contacted. I trust you will stand out of the crowd especially when the contact has 10 other cards in their possession.

Hopefully you have committed to the basics of Branding to make it a fair playing field!

All the best on your review!

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