How 3D Printing is the Future of Education

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Humans, since the dawn of time, were always innovative and imaginative in different fields of science and technology. From medicine to creating buildings/robotics, it has improved since its discovery in the medieval period. As of now, most things are created through this amazing piece called the 3D Printer – it’s intricate and detail oriented programming has helped made various things like prosthetic arms and anatomical pieces to even houses!

But aside from its helpful and innovative nature, some schools are thinking twice if they should even get one for their students. It might be expensive at the moment, but there are various perks as why a 3D Printer in school is actually a game changer. Here are the reasons why it’s a game changer for all schools around the globe:

  1. Cooking classes made more fun with molds. Aside from the fun part, cooking will be cheaper if you can just print out special molds/cutters designed in the computer. It will also spark the imagination of the students while cooking – meaning they will be more eager to learn and explore more about food preparation. It will also inspire them to seek out more of their culinary knowledge.
  2. Chemistry is made accurate. There are some models that are hard to find, so most of the molecular structure will be printed easily and without hassle on the part of the teacher and the school. If they 3D Printed most of the molecular structure of the chemicals, it will be easier to show students how a combination of components will affect their structure and how it changes it entirely. Plus, it will be more interesting for students to study more about chemistry.
  3. History classes made interesting. Showing photos of dilapidated buildings and ruins may be getting out of style, it’s probably more interesting if you can show students ‘artifacts’ in class and let them interact with it. Most kids or students actually remember things easily when they are interested with the topic or interacted with some of the models made from ancient sites. It will be more fun for students to study about history and learn more about it.
  4. Biology is now interactive. While this is probably daunting for more students, it’s probably easier to show them about how the body works or show an intricate model of organs. It’s also more accurate to show them even the tiniest detail of the organs and even specimen found in the forests or any type of ecosystem. This will give them a clearer image about the subject.
  5. Geography is now memorable. For some reason, lots of kids and even adults today have trouble in geography. 3D Printing can be a game changer since it actually changes the mindset about the map. Since it’s usually just an image plastered on the wall, 3D printing the topography, demographic, and population maps can actually make it more memorable. Studies even say that interacting with something – like physically touching a piece – makes the brain remember it more. It’s actually a convenient way to teach young minds about geography.
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