Speedy Turn Around Brochures and Booklets
Facing an urgent next-day request for a major print run, our client had to think on their feet.
Fortunately, they came to the right place! Respected media professional Keith Milne had relied on our expert advice, quick response time and collaborative expertise in the past.
Knowing we could deliver, he asked us to produce and print 500 booklets for one of his clients within 20 hours. We were happy to oblige, setting the wheels in motion and supplying the correct amount of quality products within deadline.
A happy media company, with a very happy client.
In the words of Mr Milne himself: “Richard always makes me look good, so I look good to my clients. The times that I’ve called him at the last minute and said, ‘Richard, I need something,’ he just magics things out of thin air! In a business sense, everybody wants that ‘Give it to me yesterday’ scenario, and he just seems to be able to pull rabbits out of the hat all the time.”