The Difference Between Screen and Digital Print in Canopy Printing

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Canopies are important because they provide shade and also serve as a form of promotion or advertising during outdoor events. It’s one of the ways that businesses (both big and small) build up their brands and set up awareness that makes them stand out from competitors. Trade shows, streets fairs, sports fair, and the likes are pretty tough environments, which means custom, personalised canopy should be efficient at making the brand seen.

There are two types of processes for custom printed canopies, each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Canopy printing is a vital part of a business’ marketing strategy, and today, we’ll be talking about the differences in digital and screen printing for canopies. We’ll be talking about their advantages and disadvantages, like talking about the practical benefits of digital printing for indoor and outdoor signage!

Screen Print Process

Let’s start with the screen print process for custom printed canopies. This method is done by applying ink directly to the targeted surface. The image, logo, or text to be printed is photographically transmitted to a thin fabric (which is the screen) so those non-targeted areas are blocked off, with the fabric acting like some sort of stencil. Ink is then wiped evenly across the screen, passing through the unclogged pores to reach the substrate. A separate screen must be prepared, with the entire process repeated, for every colour to be printed.


Screen printing is often the wiser and more cost-effective choice if a project only uses basic imaging, like logos that only has two colours that are to be printed on generic backgrounds (black, green, red, blue, etc.). Of course, we are only talking about canopies here because other projects, like banners, have different requirements. Other benefits include;

  • the up-front cost is the only major expense in screen printing, as each additional unit subsequently reduces the per/unit cost
  • pricing for screen prints are more flexible than digital, giving customers with tight budgets a chance to finish their canopy printing projects

The screen print process strictly limits the intricacy of a printed image. Aside from that, ink is also limited only to the designated areas where it is planned to be applied.

Digital Print Process

Digital printing is a process that involves the use of extremely huge “inkjet type,” printers. It utilises special ink solvents to print on droves of various specially coated media, generating full, crisp, and clean graphic colours. This type of printing process can handle any size, directly from its digital form, without the need for costly and complex colour separation methods.


The digital print process has lots of advantages as well, just like its screen print process counterpart. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages and better understand its usefulness:

  • can handle complex designs, photography, gradient, line illustrations, and logos
  • starting with white fabric, the inkjet printer proceeds to print on the fabric’s entire surface, giving the base colour of the printed goods a chance to match corporate Pantone colours
  • specifically for canopies, the digital print process lets the designs to flow from one canopy crest to another, or from the crest to the canopy valance

Digital print is in a higher price range. Unlike screen printing where only the up-front cost is expensive, digital print lets you get more, after you pay more.

Canopy printing should be taken seriously because they are examples of how your brand’s success lies in your print design. If the design is bad, then a business will have no chance of outshining their competitors. Use the power of canopies to stand above your sea of competitors! 
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